Challenges I Faced When I Started Learning Through An Online Class

These past two years shifted the whole dynamic of education. The sudden adaptation from remote learning to online learning created a huge bubble for many of us. Most of us were unaccustomed to e-learning, this made us realize the adaptability of our nature and helped in unleashing our potential. But it was not easy as it looked, the underlined or unspoken part of this pandemic period was the mental health challenges that everyone faced.

When so much is happening around you, it is impossible to focus on your education. To learn, observe and implement is a struggle in itself. Many students faced difficulties in understanding while others looked for opportunities and help from other people so students started to pay someone to do my online class.

You cannot pretend that everything is okay when clearly it is not. People were dying all around the world and isolated, jailed in their homes, some with family while many were alone in this journey. Many people are immersed in overthinking, and you cannot separate the thoughts of an individual in this challenging period. I will include myself in this and the challenges I faced when I started learning through online classes were not easy.

Here is the list of most common challenges or should I say most repetitive once;

Technical Issues

From a point of starting a class with a lousy internet, a hanged laptop or complete shutdown and connectivity issues from teachers and students end. In this fast-paced world, the attention span we have due to the fast internet is remarkable but when it breaks down it often led to frustration.


Communicating in online learning is talking to someone without body language and gestures. Are you listening properly? Is there an open mic of another student? Are you confused and half understand the answer? All of this leads to misunderstandings and mishaps which appeared in reports and classwork. The absence of proper communication and understanding and learning everything on your own is hard.

Traditional Learning on Online Platforms

This has to be one of the most challenging parts for me. I mean recording an hour-long lecture with bundles of assignments and uploading them all at once is odd and does not comprise online learning. In the end, I was drained and worn out in this mode of e-learning. To overcome this, I paid someone to do my online class.

Incompatible Collaboration

When it comes to online education, it is not the same as it was remote learning. The element of class activity and collaborative effort was missing. Zero effort from teachers to create an interactive environment and least promotive teamwork in general.

Most of the time it’s not you creating trouble but other students who don’t treat online classes with the same level of urgency as an in-person class. They arrive late, also teachers have to repeat the whole discussion while other times you might encounter technical issues. I faced all these challenges in one class or another which led me to exhaustion and frustration. Let’s be honest, I cannot concentrate on one thing when so much is going on in a class. To build a focus in one class is different but to maintain that level of attention and absorb details for every class is tiring in itself.

So here I leaned and looked for options where I can share this immense load with someone. To a person who can deal with all this stuff so I don’t have to face mental breakdowns. I hired an online expert and paid them to do my online class for me. I cannot explain how easy my life has become after that. Zero pressure of failing in a subject in contrast to all the work that comes with an online class is completed by an expert. It feels like an industry expert is in your assistance, and the quality of work is up to the mark. No more stress and anxiety of dealing with everything alone.

Moreover, now I have extra time in hand to complete my other subjects and courses. In addition to that now I can spend some time on other activities and hobbies to calm myself. This pandemic gave me hard time and took a toll on my mental health. Since hiring an individual is actually a call for help to me and it made me better than ever. I will not focus on the debate about is it the right thing or not, for me it saved me from so many things and aid me with assistance.

The Final Verdict

People will judge you for many things in life whether it is about your opinions on things or anything else. It’s you who have to decide what is good and bad for you. Is it harming you in some way or helping you out? To make that call clear, those decisions will eventually lead to the betterment of life. I made my decision about online learning to pay someone to do my online class. So, keep one thing in mind you can overcome any challenges and hardships either with assistance or on your own.

                                                                               It is your call to decide!

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