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Facebook Ads agency allows you to engage with your audience on the world’s largest social network.

It can be hard to stay in touch with your fans naturally due to the constant evolution of Facebook’s algorithm. Fortunately, the micro-targeting features offered by the platform allow you to precisely reach your target audience. Thus, Facebook ensures that your advertisements reach the people most likely to buy your products or services.

This is a huge plus in budget, conversion rate, and ROI because you only pay to reach leads with the most potential.

Understanding the different types of Facebook ads and the targeting options available before using them is essential to getting good results. This guide will show you everything you need to know, from planning your first ad to building advanced ad campaigns.

Our 8-step guide to developing your presence on social networks will help you develop an effective social media agency.

Types of Facebook Ads

Ads with images

These simple ads are an effective way to start promoting your brand on Facebook. You can make one quickly by boosting an existing post and adding a picture from your Facebook Page.

Image ads may be simple, but they don’t have to be boring. For example, don’t you think socks are the most exciting product? Think again: Happy Socks stages them in surprising contexts to create fun Facebook photo ads.

Video ads

Video ads can run in News Feed and Stories or appear as longer in-stream video ads. They will allow you to present the work of your team or the functioning of your product, like this short demo published by We Are Knitters.

Note that you don’t have to incorporate filmed footage into your video ads. You can also compose GIF-like graphics or other animations to capture users’ attention or showcase your offer, like this ad from The New York Times.

Take a closer look at the targeting of this ad: it is specifically an offer for Europe (where I live). However, I can also see my friends who have already liked the NYT Facebook Page in my News Feed, which makes advertising much more interesting.

Survey ads

This Facebook mobile ad format offers an interactive user experience through video polls. While this is a brand new type of paid ad, early data from Facebook has already revealed that these ads can increase brand awareness more effectively than any traditional video ad.

Carousel ads

In a carousel ad, you can include up to ten images or videos to showcase your product or service. You can use this format to highlight different benefits of the same product, showcase various offers, or use all the photos together to create a large panoramic image, such as this one:

Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads make it easy to create short video ads from a collection of existing static photos, text, or video clips. In addition, you can choose from royalty-free photos in Ads Manager if you don’t own any images.

As with videos, the movement of slideshow ads attracts attention, but they require five times less bandwidth. In addition, they load optimally even for people with slower internet connections, making them an easy way to grab attention with less impact.

Collectible advertisements

These paid ads, dedicated only to mobile devices, allow you to present five products that customers can click on to buy them directly.

Collection ads go hand-in-hand with Instant Experiences (we’ll get to that later) to allow people to buy your products without ever leaving Facebook. Thus, purchases are facilitated for users who are on the move and do not necessarily have an optimal Internet connection.

Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience ads were previously called Canvas. It’s a full-screen ad format that loads 15 times faster than an off-Facebook mobile website like this example from American Express.

You can also add a link to other Instant Experiences, allowing users to access even more instant mobile content.

Lead Ads

Lead ads are only available on mobile devices because they make it easy for people to give you their contact information without typing. They are ideal for collecting new subscriptions to your newsletter, offering Internet users a free trial of your product or allowing them to ask you for more information.

Since these ads are a fantastic way to fuel your sales funnel, we’ve compiled a guide to using Facebook Lead Ads that details everything you need to know to get the most out of these ads. Facebook advertising company campaign

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads allow you to promote your products to targeted customers most likely interested in them.

For example, if a user visited a product page or placed a product in their cart on your website but abandoned the purchase, dynamic ads for that specific product will appear in their Facebook News Feed.

This will remind the potential customer to complete the purchase, which can be a very effective Facebook marketing strategy.

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads allow you to reach 1.3 billion people, the number of Messenger users each month. When creating your ad, simply choose Messenger as your desired placement. You will also need to select the Facebook News Feed.

This is what an announcement looks like in the Messenger app:

You can also create “Clicks to Messenger Ads” in the Facebook News Feed. These include a call-to-action button that opens a Messenger conversation with your Facebook Page, so users can have a one-on-one conversation with one of your sales or customer service representatives.

Stories ads

Scientific American magazine found that 72% of millennials don’t turn their phones to watch full-screen videos. Luckily, Stories ads display in a vertical video format that lets you make the most of the space on the screen with no rotation required.

These ads have proven to be very effective. According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by Facebook, more than half of users said they make more online purchases because of Stories ads.

Stories ads in augmented reality

Augmented reality ads make features like filters and animations available to users to engage with your brand. This format is new to Facebook, but 63% of American Internet users say they have already tried augmented reality as part of a brand experience. Augmented Reality Facebook Stories Ads will be offered in open beta this fall.

Playable advertisements

This is another new interactive advertising format. It consists of creating a game that will encourage users to interact with your content.

By this, you can advertise your page with internet marketing agency like Mavenup Creatives.

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