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Features and Technology Of Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi booking app development service

For those who are new to the field, it is highly recommended to develop an application that’s native to the taxi industry. This allows you to customized develop a taxi booking app for each operating system , which guarantees greater speed, security, performance and access to the built-in features of smartphones like GPS and maps.

An average taxi app comprises three-handed over the driver app as well as a passenger app. There is also an admin panel to manage administration and business operations.

The primary features in the development of taxi apps on demand are as below:

Passenger App Features Driver App Features Admin Panel Functionality
Login & Registration Registration Secure Login
View Profile Driver Profile & Status Location & Fare Management
Taxi Booking Trip Alerts & Information Driver and Passenger Management
Fare Calculation Route Tracking & Navigation Vehicle Management
Payment Passengers Review & ratings Booking Management
Push Notifications Receive & Track Earnings Check Ratings & Reviews
Driver’s Ratings & Review Booking Cancelation Notification Management
Messaging System Messaging System Integration with Google Analytics
Ride History Push Notifications Review Driver’s Order & Payoff
SOS Button For Customer Support Driver Delivery Reports Management of CMS and FAQ

You can also improve the app by adding certain advanced features and functions and you could also think about a few outstanding options that will enhance your app’s user experience.

Passenger App Features Driver App Features Admin Panel Functionality
Pickup place Driver destinations Manage dispatchers
Ride cancellation Earnings from Quest Another option to build an effective brand name by patcher panel
Split payment Time to wait Control the refunds
Interactive map Heat maps Management of discount and promotion
Future ride Forward dispatch SMS alert settings to alert you about specific travel
Book for someone else Future ride settings
Locations that I love Currency and country settings for currency and country
Discounts, gamification, and referral rewards Heat map
Voice recognition Surge pricing
Waiting list Flat pricing
Hidden passenger phone number

How will the development of taxi apps help your company?

In addition to providing customer convenience, on-demand taxi services can also streamline your business processes and provide the following business benefits:

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1. Opportunity to gain more visibility

Taxi booking apps on demand like Uber or Ola have already surpassed traditional taxi service. With more customers interested in booking taxis on the internet using applications for mobile devices, growth of a taxi booking application will give you more visibility and also connect with more customers. Be sure to update your app regularly to gain more loyal customers.

2. Data Accumulation

One of the major benefits of investing money in the development of taxi apps is that you have the chance to gather and save valuable information about your client. The information in the form of email addresses, contact information as well as other information would later be used for an email survey, marketing via email as well as other sales-related actions.

Additionally it is also possible to monitor crucial details such as frequency of bookings for cabs along with the duration and time in a single ride, the average number of rides per month and many more. This data will enable you to send a customized email to your customers, leveraging coupons, special offers and discounts that are attractive and thus increasing retention of your customers.

3. Brand Recognition

Taxi aggregators such as OLA as well as Uber have already taken over the market of on-demand with their enthralling services. It’s hard to be recognized as an “dominant player” in the logistics sector. However, you can create a brand that is successful through the use of unique USP features and modifications. You can also create an effective brand.

Three key aspects play a part in helping to increase your brand’s awareness that can help you increase customer satisfaction as well as trust and credibility. This is achievable by creating an intuitive, user-friendly online taxi booking system that is a compelling user interface that addresses the customers’ requirements with a compelling user interface. In the future, you could make updates on a regular basis to improve your image and offer a secure hand to your rivals.

4. Customer’s Feedback

Similar to any other app, its brand image is determined by its customers’ comments and reviews. They can assist you in improving your services even more, and in that way, your business is able to stay ahead of trend. Because the taxi service of old did not have an mobile app that could provide such services, you can take advantage of this feature to enhance your application.

Final Thoughts

Suave Technologies collaborates closely with online mobile app development services. We’ve assisted hundreds of clients from all over the world with their unique expectations for on-demand app development. Our team has collaborated with industry experts, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and startups.

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