Features of the perfect packaging for Hair Extensions.

Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extensions are an important and significant part of makeup products. It adds grace and style to the looks and presentations of a lady. This cosmetic product needs to handle and store with care.

A proper packaging box is required to keep your hair extensions tangle-free. A durable and sturdy packaging box keeps your hair extensions secure from dirt and dust particles.

This is a product that is reusable that why you need to keep them with some care and extra affection. Custom hair extension boxes are designed especially to provide a stunning unboxing experience to the customers.

There are several cosmetic companies, which are active in the retail market. To give a standout position to your products it is important to design a competent box for hair extensions.

Consider Your Brand.

Designing packaging corresponding to your brand’s theme and values is an important factor of branding. This is professional behavior if you follow the same rules for wrapping all of your products.

Custom hair extension packaging boxes are crucial for the branding and advertisement of your product. As it has the potential to make your product stand out from the rest.

By adding uniquely designed on your product boxes you can make your product distinctive.

Choose Something Unique.

Packaging companies offer multiple designs and variations in the packaging of hair extensions. A tempting-looking product improves your sales. As you must observe that alluring looking products can’t stay longer on the sales shelf.

There are multiple options for you that may help you in designing an appealing look for your cosmetic product.

  • Rigid boxes with magnetic closer

Corrugated boxes with the magnetic closer option can make your product presentable. This packaging style makes your product more luxurious for the clients.

You can print the name of the brand on the lid with gold foiling. A foil-coated logo also makes your packaging boxes more attractive.

  • Die-cut window Boxes

Some hair extension boxes are designed with a die-cut window. A visible window on the box helps you in identifying the shade of hairs.

The window can be crafted into any shape, square, rectangle, or heart shape window on the product box. Visibility saves your time and effort in finding the perfect shade.

  • Pillow Shapes Extension Boxes

Pillow is a unique shape. These boxes are very famous in the cosmetic domain. You can choose alluring and tempting colors for the packaging of your hair extensions.

Kraft stock gives you a golden chance to design your wholesale hair extension boxes in an affordable price range.

  • Luxurious Two-Piece Boxes

Choose a two-piece box style for the packaging of hair extensions that makes your product more presentable.

A sturdy tray and sleeve packaging present your hair extensions with glamour and style. This two-piece packaging style adds more glamour to your product.

The sleeve can be made with Kraft stock or you can add a visible window on it for better presentation.

Captivating Custom Hair extension boxes will surely help you to grow in the cosmetic industry.

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