From Wardrobe To Life Lessons: 6 Things You Can Learn From ‘The Intern’

From Wardrobe To Life Lessons: 6 Things You Can Learn From 'The Intern'

Have you ever watched the film, The Intern (2015)? It’s about a company that hired senior citizens as interns. Having too much time to spend on his hobbies, Ben tries to apply and gets in. However, Jules, the company owner finds the idea funny and doesn’t make time to interact with the senior interns, including Ben.

Later on, Ben becomes Jules’ personal intern, and both learn different things from each other. As you can imagine, Ben’s life is inspiring enough given that he returns to work after some time. On the other hand, Jules is at the peak of her career, and she’s making tough choices in life.


So if you aspire to be more like Ben and you want to learn some career lessons, then you should check the list below!

1. Dress-up

Upon the interview and every day at work, Ben always wears a suit. When his co-workers told him it was okay not to dress up, he said he was comfortable with wearing a suit. Aside from wearing a suit, he also comes with his tie, handkerchief, and suitcase. Who would have thought that even a classic green tie can be worn at work?

So if you’ll imagine, he has this old-school look every day. He has this collection of ties including of blue, red, and green tie that he wears to work.

Ben is fine looking different since all other workers are mostly millennials. So even if they always wear casual clothes, Ben doesn’t mind dressing up.

2. Keep your closet neat

At beginning of the film, you can see how neat the clutter-free Ben’s closet is. He even has this automatic rotating tie rack that allows him to arrange from green ties to blue ones. So if you have a couple of ties, you should invest in a similar rack, even the manual rack would suffice.

Aside from the ties, his shirts and other clothes are also categorised according to his preferences. His closet is even better than some boutiques and clothing stores where the clothes are randomly arranged. So if you need closet inspiration, you should look at Ben’s and see if you can keep it neat.


3. Celebrate small wins

Ben’s new workplace has this amazing way of celebrating. Whether there’s big or small news, they ring the bell hanging at the centre of the office. Then, everyone cheers up.

When Ben arrived at the office for the first time, he noticed a table where all the clutters accumulated. So one day, he comes into the office early and cleans the table. Since it’s always filled with clutter, everyone notices when it becomes clutter-free, even the CEO (Jules).

Jules’ face brightens up the moment she sees this amazing improvement. Of course, the bell rings, and everyone smiles at Ben.

4. Age doesn’t matter

Who would have thought that having a senior internship is possible? At first, Jules wasn’t sure about this idea, but as days go by, she realised that she can learn a lot of things from Ben, and Ben also learns a lot from Jules.

It’s relaxing to think that even though work is stressful, there are times when you can just rely on your co-workers. It doesn’t matter how old they are, as long as they’re sincere, they can help lessen your worries.

At the same time, most offices have staff with a wide age range. So this film will help fresh graduates and seniors to create a harmonious workplace.


5. Explore the possibilities

If you love what you’re doing, you tend to stay as long as possible. But for some people, it’s hard to figure out what they love. So to find the right career path, you must explore all the possibilities. Don’t just stick to the first job you land on because you have a lot of options.

Since Ben is already a senior, he must have done a lot of things to achieve the life he’s currently living. On the other hand, Jules is still working on her career. But even though they have different goals, they continue to work and explore the possibilities.

6. Know your priorities

At some point in life, people tend to be busy and just focus on one essential factor. However, you shouldn’t let the other factors of your life fall apart. For instance, Jules started a company that grew in just a matter of time, so she has to give more time to her career and less to her personal life.

She then finds out that her husband is cheating on her, and she misses a lot of things in her daughter’s life. Now she has to face a lot of problems from work and her personal life.

So even though you’re currently facing a lot of things, realign your priorities, and don’t forget to sit back and contemplate from time to time. That way, you won’t have to miss important things around you.


Life can be hard sometimes, but whatever happens, know that you’ll always get through it. And don’t forget to dress up if it makes you feel better. If you’re about to be an intern, start collecting blue, maroon, and even a green tie so you can prepare your outfits.

Let us know your thoughts about this by leaving a comment below!

Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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