How is Home Loan EMI Calculation Done?

A house loan is a secured loan in which the bank mortgages your home and you must repay the bank in EMIs to complete the transfer of ownership of your home. It is very likely to be the most debt a person will ever have. Because of the huge loan amount, most borrowers want to keep their home loan interest rates and EMIs as low as possible.

If you take out a home loans without properly evaluating and planning your interest rates and EMIs, you may have trouble paying your bills and managing your finances because the loan is for a longer period of time and has hefty EMIs. You can use an online tool called the Home Loan EMI Calculator to better understand and calculate your EMIs ahead of time. This is a web-based tool that calculates your EMIs by inputting your desired loan amount. Projected loan length, and your lender’s home loan interest rate.

What is a Home Loan’s EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)?

Home Loan EMIs are equal monthly installments that you must make to the bank on a monthly basis in order to pay off the total loan amount, after which the borrower will fully own the home. It requires repaying both the principal and the interest on your outstanding home loans sum. In other words, EMIs are known to be the cost of borrowing a housing loan. 

How can you figure out how much a house loan’s EMI would be?

To calculate your home loans EMI, utilise the Home Loan EMI Calculator tool, which can be found on nearly every lender’s website. This calculator can assist you in determining how much EMI you can afford to pay each month without going into default. The Home loan EMI calculator shows you how much you’ll have to pay in EMIs each month and allows you to make an informed decision about your monthly mortgage and other costs. As a result, knowing your EMI is critical for determining your home loan eligibility and putting together your house purchase plan. It helps in overall budgeting and managing your savings. Knowing your EMIs is beneficial to the borrower as only the borrower can determine the maximum amount he or she can be able to pay without defaulting. This also helps to avoid the situations of cash deficiency. 

What is a Home Loan EMI Calculator?

The HomeLoan EMI Calculator supports you in calculating the loan instalment, often known as the EMI, for your home loans. It’s a simple calculator that can help a homebuyer plan their budget. The Home Loans EMI Calculator requires you to enter your desired loan amount, the lender’s interest rate, and your choice loan tenure to calculate your home loan EMI.

How to calculate your HomeLoan EMI?

Almost every lender’s website has a Home Loan EMI Calculator. To plan your future financial commitments and monthly budget, you should use this tool to calculate your EMI in advance.


P x R x (1+R)N / [(1+R)N-1] is the formula for calculating house loan EMIs, where 

  • P stands for the principal loan amount, that you will be borrowing
  • The number of months it takes to repay a debt, that is, your loan tenure, is denoted by N.
  • The monthly interest rate is denoted by the letter R. The following formula is used to calculate the monthly interest rate (R) on your loan: R = Annual Interest Rate/12/100

The Bottom Line

As a result, it’s a good idea to utilize a home loan EMI calculator to better plan your EMIs and monthly budget so you don’t run into any problems making your installments or managing your costs in the future.

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