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How To Create A DIY Squid Game Guard Costume

Squid Games Apparels

Have you seen that fantastic and engaging Netflix series: Squid Game? If yes, you must have noticed those elegant apparel such as the frontman costume, Squid Game Guard Costume, doll costume, etc. 

Aren’t those the unique costumes we have ever seen? Well! Many think those costumes resulted from extreme efforts invested by designers and media experts. Everyone does not realize that the designers didn’t do any hard work in that regard. Instead, what they did is called, The Smart Work. Surprised, right? Didn’t get the point? Well, you will be surprised to know that all those apparel were nothing more than some new, easy, intelligent DIY project. We know it may sound a bit tricky.

Do not worry; we are here to get your back. The forthcoming content will elaborate on making all significant squid game outfits, including the guard costume, for your ease. So, without any further due, let us dig into the article. Please have a look.

Creating Squid Game Costume from the scratch

We will discuss the DIY projects of each of the outfits one by one for your ease. Let’s walk through the content. 

1. The participant’s costumes

Participants were the only positive lead in the whole series. There were 456 individuals belonging to different countries and states of the world. Yet, one common thing in all of them was the need for money. The makers did a great job portraying their helplessness through their costumes. 

All participants were given a teal green or excellent green tracksuit and a costume to wear. You can DIY in a few simple steps. All you would need for the purpose is:

  1. A green colored track shirt and pants 
  2. A pair of white sneakers 
  3. A number badge 
  4. An inner of your choice with the same number of the badge 

Put your track pants and inner t-shirt on, followed by the upper. Zip up the jacket, wear your sneakers, and you are ready to go. But wait, do not forget to put the badge on your chest’s left area. 

You can go for any random number or one with meaning. For instance, 001 can be used to portray a dual personality, 456 to portray an upbeat personality and 067 for getting that model fee. The choice is solely yours. 

2. Squid Game Guard Costume

Guards were another major part of the series. These were veiled people who wore pink colored tracksuits throughout the series. You can be a pink staffer if you want to portray a sense of creepiness with your friends at the next Halloween party. Here is the list of all pieces of equipment and merchandise you would need for the regards 

  1. A pink colored track top and track pants
  2. Black waist belt 
  3. A face-hiding mask
  4. A pair of black colored shoes 

Customizing the pink soldier costume by yourself is not a difficult task. All you need to do is get your hands on a pink-colored tracksuit with a few black stripes on the front. Put on your black shoes, waist belt, and face hiding mask. And that is it; you are all ready to rock the party. Yet, do not forget to get a tracksuit with a hoodie for complete alignment with the actual guards.

3. The Front Man

Frontman seemed to be the series’s cruelest character, forcing every participant to pay a total contribution towards the game. 

Here are the things you would need for making a frontman costume 

  1. Black coat 
  2. An inner in black color
  3. Black pants
  4. A pair of black gloves
  5. A face-hiding mask

Wear all of the things systematically. Yet, make sure to get your hands on a coat that is long enough to touch your knees. Plus, it must contain 2 pockets as well for whole alignments. 

A Smart Tip

Doing DIY projects is undoubtedly a fun task. However, the sad part is these projects can sometimes be time-consuming and cost-inefficient. The same is why we suggest purchasing a readymade costume instead of making one by yourself. 

Nevertheless, always go with a renowned and trusted brand such as squid game apparel for the best results. Following are some perks you can enjoy by going with your recommendation. 

  1. As the name elaborates, squid game apparel specializes in providing clothing pieces and other merchandise. Hence you will find a wide variety of apparel at the site.
  2. There are no third parties involved in the manufacturing and distribution processes. Hence you get all of the products within the nominal price range. 
  3. All of the clothing pieces are fully aligned with the original products. 

The bottom line 

To conclude, Squid Game Costume such as the Squid Game Guard Costume have gained worldwide attraction. The content above will teach you to make such costumes from scratch. Plus, there is a helpful tip in the content presented for you. So make sure to read carefully.

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