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How to download videos from Pinterest?

Do you know how to download videos from the Pinterest app? We all know that Pinterest is an interesting platform where we can post photos, videos, and GIFs, make new friends, and chat with them as well. So, we categorize it too into social media. It has a unique interface and methods that no other social media platform has to keep us stuck. And even posts that are shared are interesting and exceptional. But, because it does not let us download a single of them, you may be curious about how to download videos from Pinterest app? Is there a special download option in its mobile app? No, it is not. We are going to let you know about a third-party method called Pin Downloader. Anyone who is excited about download Pinterest videos, pictures, or whatever can use this as the easiest and the best media downloader.

how to download videos from Pinterest app

How to download videos from the Pinterest app?

The Pin Downloader tool is a third-party media downloader. Download Videos from the Pinterest app is going to be a simple thing when you are with this supportive tool. The developer who designed this made it a place where any user can easily visit and accomplish their requirement. Any file shared on Pin can save to your gallery using its URL. You just have to copy and paste the link to the Pinterest Video Downloader. So it will find the relevant Pinterest video and save it right away.

This is a third-party method that we cannot directly find from the platform. Download Videos From Pinterest cannot accomplish by installing Pin Downloader on the smartphone. Users have to search the web and go through its online submission. For the same reason, do not worry if you cannot use your smart device for a reason and want to use your computer or laptop. The tool is an online method, it can help you on both smartphones and PC.

However, this is not about the Pinterest app. This is about a third-party tool that can help us to save videos.

Facts to remember

  • Do not forget to connect to Wi-Fi or turn on data when you start using Online Pinterest Videos Downloader
  • The tool can only use as an online downloader. It cannot download on devices
  • The Pin Downloader can convert files into readable format. Or there is a list of formats that users can request to convert the file as they want  
  • Any file uploaded to Pinterest like video clips, images, photos, or GIFs can download for free using the tool
  • It can download limitless files
  • Users do not have to sign up or register
  • The tool can open on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tab, Windows machine, or Mac using any web browser

Download Pinterest videos for free

  • Open the browser on your desktop and search Pinterest
  • Sign in to your account
  • Open the video you wish to download. If you want to search for a video, type the keyword in the search bar and search it. You can select a video clip from the list that will open
  • Use the share or link buttons to copy the post-URL. or you can go to the address bar and copy it by right click on it
  • Then open a new tab and search the Online Pinterest Videos Downloader tool
  • Open the respective web page and paste the URL that brought in the download bar
  • You can see the Download button closer. Click it and watch whether the tool opens a preview. When it is there, go to the size chart and enter the size you want. And then again use the download key. If you do not want to resize the file, then simply click the second download button and continue the process
  • If your internet connection is stable, the file will download rapidly to the gallery

Wrapping up

If you want further clarifications about Pin Downloader, simply search how to download videos from Pinterest app on your web browser. You can find the official web page of the tool and also get an idea about it. The tool is a free supporter. Using that, we can enjoy downloading thousands of media files from Pin. The nature of Pinterest is users cannot download even a very own upload once we upload something. We know how tough it is if it is an urgent file that you may be deleted from other places. And also, you may want to download unique videos and pictures for research or to use them creatively. With any intention, you cannot find a direct download option there. For that, we have to go through a third-party option like Pin Downloader. Do not search the web anymore for how to download videos from Pinterest.  We have the world’s best online downloader for Pinned posts called Pin Downloader. Download any file in readable formats. 

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