How To Earn Money By Teaching English Literature Online

Are you a native English speaker and planning to teach English literature online? I have a few options for you. Many students come to us and say “I am ready to pay someone to take my classes, can you please recommend me a good online class or course taker?”

Like them, there are a lot of students planning to hire experts. Some are looking for online exam takers, some academic writing helpers and some are even looking for online tutors. If you don’t know, let us break this to you now you can also take someone’s courses online, of course in an ethical way. Other than this, there are many other options through which you can make money and monetize your skill. If you are interested in teaching only, this article is for you. It will help you explore different ways and possibilities are you will soon find a good-paying job.

So, let’s get started . . . .

Build A Robust Profile and Go For Freelance Options

Freelance is an amazing way of working from the comfort of your home and earning passive income. There are a lot of people who have acquired some important skills and are now self-employed. Freelance work offers schedule flexibility. You can do your work anytime and anywhere you like. However, you must maintain your track for that. An educationist we know is now earning more than five times of what he was earning before he started freelancing. A few tips that he suggests to be a good freelancer are, having strong online recognition, introducing discounts, and optimizing your profile. What you can do is make your profile on LinkedIn, update it regularly and get some paid reviews.

If it’s the initial stage and you are a newbie, you’ll have to give it some time before you start seeing the results. Regular customer testimonials, first-timer discounts, etc. are good deals to start with. Once you start getting orders, make sure to optimize your profile regularly.

Apply For The Post Of Teacher At Different Sites

Many online tutoring websites are looking for online teachers, especially English literature graduates. If you have a degree in literature and are seeking out some work opportunities, these sites are the perfect choice for you. One of the best websites you can check is Verbal Planet.

Verbal Planet is the choice of many students when they are looking for online tuition. In this platform, they can check teachers’ profiles and find the right teacher for themselves. Verbal planet let the students and parents take a thorough look through teachers’ directories, making it easier for them to hire someone they can trust.

Once your teaching profile at Verbal Planet is ready, you can find yourself in the teaching directory and set your prices as you like.

Make A Facebook Group

Facebook has a lot more to offer than just chatting with your friends and surfing through your timeline. Are you aware of the Facebook marketplace and know how it is helping young entrepreneurs earn some side income? Many students we know are now running their own businesses on this platform, you can create your online shop and sell goods in exchange for money.

Similarly, it is also an amazing platform for young teachers to market themselves and get some interesting leads. You cannot use the marketplace though, still, Facebook groups and pages are some amazing options. We recommend making a group, designing some posters, and posting them on similar groups. There are chances you have also joined some groups, where leads post their queries. Such groups are your ideal places to market yourself. Talk to the admins, add your posters and offer great discounts. However, you must also guarantee grades. Without this promise, it would get difficult to get attract your relevant leads.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Becoming a YouTube star is a highly lucrative career. Every like, comment, and share you get brings you money! If it’s getting hard for you to get your target audience on Facebook, YouTube is a great option. Since there are a lot of outstanding teachers already, the competition is tough. However, if you upload exceptional content that is easy to comprehend, it won’t be difficult for you to divert audiences’ attention.

When planning to make your profile on YouTube, you will have to take care of the profile optimization. Get your videos some catchy thumbnails, good sound quality, and please subtitles. Subtitles bring a great audience and are the ticket to take your videos worldwide. Since English is an international language, get subtitles for your video in it, and to target your local audience, speak your local language.

Find a Job at Online Schools

Even before the covid pandemic, many platforms were taking classes online. However, after covid, many schools have completely turned online and are always in search of some good teachers who teach students online. Most of these schools have said bye-bye to online schooling forever. They only open their premises for exams. Otherwise, they are too taken online. The basic requirement for this job needs you to be tech-savvy and fluent in English.

If you possess these qualities, I believe you must consider dropping your application at online schools. Even if you have no experience in online teaching, give it a go and see how the results turn out. For now, there are mixed reviews from teachers, so we can’t tell if it is a good option or bad but what we know is it is definitely an option worth giving a try.


I guess these are the best options for anyone to go for if they are finding ways to teach English literature online. If nothing from the above list works for you, remember that there are many students ready to pay someone to take my classes. You can reach out to them, give a few demo classes or pay someone to take my classes and give it lock. However, please don’t take the online opportunity to just make money pay someone to take my classes. Teaching is a profession of the goddess. You have to stay true to your role and help students wherever they need your assistance. Good luck!

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