How to Get Amazon Approved to Sell Groceries


For those who are new or even experienced Amazon sellers for the first time, the Grocery and gourmet food category is limited initially. You’ll require the category’s approval from Amazon for selling food items.

If your account is just a couple of years old and has excellent numbers and a solid selling record You can be allowed to sell into the category of grocery.

Here’s how to verify pre-approval: copy and paste an ASIN from the category of groceries Go there to “Add a product” in Seller Central, then click “apply to sell.” Then, click “Request approval.” Amazon might automatically approve your application.

If this is not the case with your Amazon account then you’ll be required to supply Amazon with certain documents before you can sell food items.

Ungrated in Grocery Stores on Amazon

Following the steps previously mentioned If you follow the above steps, imagine that you are blocked by a category that is selling the app. 

This is common for any category only allowed to sell within. Amazon simply wants to make certain that the items you are selling are safe and authentic for the consumers.

This is what the grocery category app will appear like. Don’t be scared by the requirements! We’ll explain how able to meet these requirements.

The first question is, “Are you a reseller/distributor, a manufacturer, or both for the products you want to list?”

  • Reseller/distributor refers to the process of selling products using wholesale arbitrage or retail models. In general, Amazon will not accept receipts from grocery stores as valid invoices and you’ll have to find a legitimate distributor or wholesaler.
  • The manufacturer is the term used to describe an exclusive brand and will require an invoice from the manufacturer.

To make things simpler, choose reseller/distributor. We’ll use an authorized distributor to receive an acceptable invoice from Amazon. Even if you plan to offer the private label of a grocery item it is a much easier method of getting accepted.

After that, you must send documents. You’ll have to provide at least one payment invoice for a supplier or distributor.

The documents you send comply with the following conditions:

  • The date must be within 180 days from the date of the application
  • Your name and address that match the details in your account for selling
  • Provides the address and name of the distributor or manufacturer of the product that you want to offer for sale.
  • It indicates that you’ve made an entire purchase of at minimum 10 units of product.
  • Optional: You can leave out the price information of the product.

Amazon could contact vendors that you have listed on your application in the course in the process of verification.

Important! You have to prove that you have purchased a minimum of 10 units of the identical product. You must also confirm that your account has been approved in a specific area before making a major investment in stock.

Additionally, you will need to upload images of the actual product as well as the packaging on your application. This will prove to Amazon that you own the item in your possession.

We now know the requirements Amazon wants, how do you purchase the items in a manner that meets Amazon’s specifications?

Locating an online distributor

You can begin by looking at the term “wholesale grocery distributors” on Google and then see what results show up.

One company I’ve personally worked with, as well as numerous other Amazon sellers, is known as Frontier Co-Op Wholesale. They are a legitimate wholesale distributor of a variety of goods. And, most importantly, Amazon will accept their invoices.

The first step in selling items of Frontier is to establish an account as a member with them if you don’t currently have one.

To establish accounts, you’ll have to supply the bank with your tax information through your TIN, EIN or SSN. After they’ve approved your account, you’re able to start shopping! According to Amazon’s invoice verification requirements, you’ll have to buy at least 10 units of grocery items.

Before you decide to buy a food item from Frontier ensure that you first locate a similar Amazon page for the item. This way, Amazon can see that you are selling XXXX items on the XXXX listings.

At the present, it will not matter whether the product you purchase for verification has a profit on Amazon.

All you need is to have bought 10 units of the product any item–from a legitimate distributor before you can be approved to sell your product in the grocery category.

If the product proves to be profitable, good! If not, sell it at the loss and keep it or give it away. After approval by Amazon the seller, you’ll earn the money back several times over. Consider this purchase of 10 units as an investment in your soon-to-be-thriving Amazon food business.

Once you’ve placed your order, the company that you choose to use will issue you an invoice, either in conjunction with the delivery or in a separate. 

To know more about amazon invoice verification, click here.

After you have received your order you should take some photos of the package according to Amazon’s guidelines.

Be sure to highlight important details on your invoice to make it be noticed by your Amazon representative. Sometimes the verification team isn’t aware of items, leading them to reject your application.

TIP: Note the ASIN number of the listing for the product on your invoice right next to the product’s name.

If Amazon doesn’t approve of your invoice:

If you have submitted all the required details and Amazon isn’t able to approve your application do not worry, it could be a bit of a trial and mistake. 

Just close the case and submit your application. It will eventually be accepted and cleared by the appropriate person.

Now you’re authorized to sell your groceries on Amazon!

Note That just because you’re unlicensed in the grocery aisle, it does not mean you’re authorized to sell items from all brands within the category of grocery. Certain brands require further approval.

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