How to improve management of distribution channels

Digital commerce is the way of the future, which is great news for custom and promotional products companies. There has never been a better opportunity to reach out to new and potential customers than today. Being a supplier to these businesses, however, is not without its drawbacks! We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for ways to improve distribution channel management.

Streamline distribution channel management by:

  • Improved inventory control
  • Getting a leg up on the competition
  • Changing your business strategy to be more customer-centric
  • Recognizing that your customers are evolving

Inventory management

You won’t be able to understand your supply chain unless you have Thanos’ omniscience, which allows you to see into the future and past at the same time. Furthermore, traditional inventory management is a time-consuming task that requires you to physically count products (not ideal).

This is why stock levels are a major concern for wholesale distributors all around the world. It’s far more difficult to replace business inventory when you don’t know how much stock you have left, which has a cascade effect all the way down to your customers and prospects. But what if you could integrate with customers to provide them with accurate stock levels and order visibility?

Brikl’s next-generation integrations provide your customers with real-time stock data. Customers can access this data, which is stored on cloud servers, from anywhere in the globe at any time. Brikl’s AI technology also upsells for you, recommending additional similar goods, colours, and connecting with your clients in a way that encourages them to buy.

Gaining a competitive advantage

By 2027, the US B2B e-commerce sector is estimated to reach $20.9 trillion. With such a profitable digital marketplace, it’s critical to arrive early, set up your stall, and make it enticing to passers-by. The goal is to bring them to a halt.

Distributors, distributors, and retailers seeking to develop an online presence before their competitors do so should concentrate on technology to do so. While ‘digital transformation’ is the buzzword these days, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to use expert technology to help your company grow.

We combine our market-disrupting technology with a deep understanding of the subtleties and pains of trying to manage a wholesale supply business as the top end-to-end technology platform for selling custom, stock, and promotional products. We also give you the tools to localise your business as you build, grow, and move towards market domination as a multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-channel platform.

By providing you with the tools to streamline and automate your processes, as well as the expertise to engage.


When it comes to customer service and happiness, it’s not just B2C markets that have high expectations. Distributors are also expected to prioritise their clients, which necessitates a connected and informed approach that allows for value-added services. When it comes to consumer loyalty, we can’t emphasise how important this is. Furthermore, your clients are vocal! Your capacity to develop trust, act with integrity, and communicate effectively is critical to your business and brand’s reputation.

Here are a few examples of how we may assist you in putting your customers first:

We give your consumers better stock visibility and make the ordering process easier.
Errors are practically unavoidable in custom businesses—late modifications and additions to orders, different spreadsheets, and multiple platforms may all lead to turmoil. Customers can place purchases with Brikl, including personalisation, and you can use a bulk order feature to make fulfilment simple.
Thanks to our API connectivity, manual data entering is no longer necessary. Customers can make a single stock reservation.
Allow your customers to construct template stores with their favourite or best-selling products from a variety of categories. This is a significant time saver that your consumers will appreciate!

Your customers are changing

How can you help them do this? With Brikl.

  • MicroStores can be set up in about 15 minutes thanks to Brikl technology, guaranteeing that your clients don’t waste time selling your products. In the past, this procedure took hours and days to complete.
  • With Brikl’s design tools, you can create placeholders or markers that allow merchants to drag-and-drop designs and batch brand products. Customers can customise their own design by uploading merchandise. Help sales by generating up to 30 leads every day.
  • You can allow suppliers to construct an e-Commerce site and MicroStores that tie directly into your live inventory, as Brikl already does with many clients who draw blank inventory from suppliers.

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