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How to Pack and Move your Goods for University?

Getting ready for college is really exciting. You just get out of school and everything is new for you. You leave everything behind and start a new chapter of your life. But little do we know in all those excitements is the overwhelming process of move your goods out.

Packing and moving is a lengthy process and you need to look about preparing everything. There are so many things that you will need at your university and will have to make an inventory of all the things.

You might pack them all by yourself but you won’t be able to move without having a professional help. Here are some things that you may keep in mind while packing and moving your stuff by hiring a suitable moving company.

Some common items you might need at your university

  • Clothes – You might your all-season clothes at your new place. no matter if it’s summer, what if your new friends plan a trip to Himachal then you will be needing your warm clothes. Carry some casuals for daily use, professionals for your workshops and partywear for your club nights.
  • Gadgets – Which student can live without their laptop, tablet, mobile phone, Bluetooth speakers, etc. You will need to pack then securely to ensure that they do not get damaged in the transit.
  • Bedding – Not all beds can give you the comfortability that you have on yours. You might need your comfy bed after you have been studying all the day. Get your mattress, sheets, pillows, pillow covers, blankets, comforter, etc.
  • Toiletries – You may get some new things for new place but still you need to get some basic toiletries for yourself. Get your towels, face wash, comb, oils, shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, serum, moisturizer, body lotions, toilet rolls, etc.
  • Kitchen essentials – No matter how big a canteen or mess is there at your new place but you will always need some utensils and packaged food to make yourself a Maggie at midnight or serve your food delivered by your food delivery partners. Carry your induction, some plates, pan, glasses, bowls, cups, spoons, paper towels, etc. to get yourself settled easily.
  • Documentations – Important personal documents are much needed at your university and those need to be taken care of. You must ensure you never misplace them as they might cost you fortune to re-gather them. make sure to carry your debit/credit cards, drivers license, aadhar card, PAN card, educational marksheets, certificates, bank documents, insurance cards, etc.
  • Laundry – You will be getting laundry facilities but always remember to take some extra for you as well. Carry some dryer sheets, detergent, laundry basket, stain remover, etc.
  • Books – You must carry all your books that might help you with your term. Take novels for entertainment and syllabus books for getting yourself through the college.
  • Stationary – We always obsess over the cute stationary that we have. These are most important and you will be needing them the most. Make sure to carry your pens, pencils, blinders, sticky notes, high-lighter, markers, charts, etc. with you.
  • Coffee maker – What else is going to help you be up late at night for your next day examination. Caffeine is a gift and you must adore it every morning and during late night sessions.
  • Lamp – You might have a roommate who likes to sleep early and you will be needing a personal space of yours to read at night. Carry a lamp with you to save your eyes from terrible lighting of your room.
  • Other essentials – You must also pack other items such as your planner, calendar, area rugs, decor, umbrella, sewing kits, etc. to take care of your little things as your mom won’t be there to provide you all of them.

How to pack all these items?

Packing all your stuff is the most hectic job. You can either hire professional packers and movers in Bangalore or can pack by yourself also to low your moving cost. Packing includes a lot of steps and here are some that might help you.

  • You will first require to make an inventory of things. Do you think that you can remember everything on how and when to pack? Make different checklists for each box to know if you have put everything at the right place or not.
  • You will need to arrange good quality packaging material to protect your precious items such as gadgets and to protect your books from tearing apart. You will require large and medium carton boxes, packaging paper, polythene sheets, bubble wraps, newspaper, foams, etc.
  • Label your boxes with symbols, numbers, list of things or by color coding them. This will help you to put the right box at the right place in your new home.
  • Pack essentials for the moving day as you would not be able to get access to all those stuffs if you have already packed them. Take necessary items such as a pair of clothes, toiletries, skin care, medicines, electronics, etc. in a separate and easy to carry bag so that you do not have any difficulty while moving.
  • Pack your gadgets with intense care by using proper packaging material such as their original boxes, thermocol, foam, bubble wraps, plastic sheets, etc.

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Moving by yourself

Moving is exciting but hectic at the same moment. Nobody can relax while relocating especially when you are doing it yourself. There will be a certain thing you will need to do for moving by yourself.

  • Get organized and plan properly for the move. Make a checklist of all the activities you need to do while moving out.
  • Create a moving budget as moving might give you holes in your pocket especially when you get a little pocket money.
  • Arrange your moving truck and labor for the moving day and book them in advance to avoid last minute hassle.
  • Pack and unpack everything in a efficient manner with a defined process to lessen your worries.

Hiring packers and movers

While self-relocation can help you in cost cutting but it is not always recommendable as there are many things you need to look through during your relocation.

Hiring movers and packers gives you a lot of benefits such as time management, good offers and discounts for students, professionals will be working, specialized equipment’s used during the move, etc. All these overpowers the idea of self-relocation and you must hire a reliable moving company for you who won’t take your money unnecessarily by mistaking you as a child.

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