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How to Paint a Watercolor Cactus

How to paint a watercolor Cactus. Add a pop of shade to your house by learning how to paint a watercolor cactus to hang on the wall!

Cacti are an excellent plant for watercolor painting with their whimsical shapes and vibrant appetizers. This medium allows you to create color and bring things to life layer by layer. Again, this project starts a lot of creative freedom with a positively singing vase!

It’s a great way to learn basic watercolor skills while creating a beautiful piece of art.

Helpful Tips 

Let the paint apply to areas with more water or stop running by cleaning the area with a tea towel. Leave some white spots in your painting for added depth. We used a white Posca pen to add highlights to the watercolor cactus, but you can also employ white gouache color to get the exact look.

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You will need

  • pencil
  • Pastel Green
  • watercolor paper
  • Brushes, different sizes
  • watercolor painting
  • Uni-Posca colored pencil
  • kitchen paper

Total time:

An afternoon

Step 1

Using a pencil, draw the rough shape of your cactus on the watercolor paper and then lightly outline with a green pencil crayon.

watercolour cactus 1

Step 2

Moisten the paper using a large brush, starting with part of the cactus in the mold. (Make sure you maintain a kitchen towel convenient to remove excess water!)

Step 3

Mix a light green, load the brush, and let it flow into the moist place. Replay strides 2 and 3 until your cactus is entirely green.

Step 4

Mix in a deeper green and add it in the appropriate spots with a wet brush, allowing the color to bloom and blossom at will.

Step 5

Use the technique from the previous steps and paint inside your vase.

Step 6

Once the cactus is dry, use a heavier blend of watercolor (or a Posca pen) to add yellow dots to your cactus. When you’re done, add some greenery to the mix to paint spots around the outside of your cactus for a soft look.

Step 7

Mix a bold black and use a fine brush to paint the triangles on the pool. Count a rare corner to the boundaries of the collection to give the feel of a continuous pattern.

Step 8

First, add the flowers with light pink paint, then paint the rough petals with a darker pink or red on top.

Step 9

Use a dehydrated light gray wax to add a tint. Add a thin line of darker gray just below one side of the bottom of the pot for a more intense hue.

watercolour cactus 2

You finished your cactus! Find a spot on a wall and proudly display it.

watercolour cactus 3

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