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Increasing trend of Online Exam Software in the Education Sector

Education has gone through a huge transformation with emerging technologies. Current description in the education sector has made students worried about their academic careers. Schools and colleges are considering how they are going to conduct exams. They are looking for an option to conduct a safe and secure examination. Online remotely proctored exam is a new system and many students are unaware of this new process of conducting exams. In the present times, many organizations in the assessment industry are helping institutes conduct safe exams. 

Online exams have become a crucial part of the education sector. With an increasingly competitive landscape, the education domain has an extensive potential to create a powerful platform to overcome challenges like integrity and authenticity which was a concern in the online examination. The objective of the online assessment companies is to eliminate malpractices and also help them to conduct safe exams. Many candidates do not have high bandwidth or internet speed to attempt the exam, the online exam provider is conducting low bandwidth exams. There is always a concern about supervision during the exam. Ai enabled online examination consists of a combination of a face recognition algorithm using a web camera no matter at what location they are giving the exam. 

Features of the online examination system

The online examination system is an incredible assessment tool that helps you to evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and also assess their performance to achieve goals. Students’ satisfaction is the main reason for its popularity. Online assessment software can meet all the assessment needs. It should have features to reduce the stress of conducting the exam by automating the entire process and helping students and teachers to compare notes. Also, it is a modern system that determines students’ resilience and aptitude for exceptional performance. It is a collaborative system that does not require any traveling. Online exam software can be used at any stage of education and supports stakeholders in the evaluation process. 

Why should institutes adopt online examinations? 

Online education would be a large sector in the coming years. Online learning offers many benefits to learners, educators, and corporations. The benefits include cost reduction, expanding the reach, and personal attention. It has widespread adoption and will continue to grow as a standalone sector. Online examination is framing the future of education. The shift from conventional exams to online exams has occurred due to many factors, the most prominent one is cost saving. The private university landscape would differ from the public university landscape. As institutes are relying on online exam providers, then the role of state financing would reduce. There is a need for an improvement in the current education system as it is not able to deliver the desired results and hence requires modifications. The inefficiency to assess students is a big opportunity for cheating and unethical practices. Online assessment is an effective way to overcome these challenges. 

Hence, it clearly shows that the online examination system needs an hour to streamline the process of examination and determine the efficiency of the student in the current education ecosystem. 

Think Exam: Utmost solution for conducting exams 

Think Exam is a smooth online exam platform, it strives for excellence in driving expertise for managing examinations. It provides a hassle-free transactional interface. Moreover, it simplifies the complete process like easy test creation, managing candidates, and generating reports. Also, it is improving communication between the invigilator and the student. The primary motive of the Think Exam is to maintain transparency during the online exam. Think Exam can conduct highly concurrent exams and caters to the industry’s needs. Also, it streamlines the flow of information. In the current times, conducting exams is not easy due to the high cost involved in managing exams. Think Exam uses remote proctoring technology for conducting cheating proof exams. Think Exam provides services like Exam Solutions, Assessment Solutions for hiring, Computer Based Examination, Paper Based Test, Learning Management System, Learning & Development Solutions, Recruitment Solution, Skills and Assessment Platform, and many more.

It is a helping hand for many leading corporates, universities, and schools. Students can practice anywhere and anytime as well as teachers can conduct exams from anywhere and anytime. Also, it can synchronize data for better performance monitoring. 

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