Insightful Ways to Give Your Writing As a Gift!!!

There are a plethora of goods available that would make excellent gifts.

There are a plethora of goods available that would make excellent gifts. But what if you do something different this year? What if the ideal present you give this year is writing rather than material items? You can order gift for boys online and make your loved one’s feel amazing by giving them.

For Your Love Ones, A Priceless Gift:

Every Christmas, I’ve discovered a way to combat consumerism by “gifting” my work. It’s available in many shapes and sizes. While it isn’t free, it scales beautifully because I can usually replicate or repeat the same present writing to each “unit,” or group of loved ones, in my family. If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering if this is a gift. You could wonder, “Isn’t that just hawking my stuff?”


Here’s the trick: for the present, write something new:

Even if it’s just one new short story, a single poem, or a new “bonus” chapter to a book, make something new for your loved ones on this special holiday. You may then polish it up and make it appear incredibly creative and/or professional if you have any crafting or tech abilities!


We’re giving something valuable when we donate the gift of our writing. We’re donating our hearts and minds!!!


  • Time and attention are valuable resources.
  • Artistic output of high value.


This Holiday Season, There Are a Few Different Ways to Write Gifts:

I’ve tried a variety of ways with varied degrees of success as I’ve gifted my writing through the years. Find a method that works best for your timeframe and budget among the strategies I utilized as a teenager, college student, and adult. Your present can be anything you wish. It can be either imaginary or completely true to life. This could be something you’re trying out for the first time. It can be poetry, a short tale, flash fiction, a novella, a novel, a serialized story, a collection of blog entries, or almost anything else.


Remember, you may do this ahead of time and prepare for next year!!!


Write/Say Your Desires:

Before we go any further, we must address a critical point: writing for the family can be difficult. Some of us may use writing as a way to get away from our families. If that’s the case, gifting your writing to distant cousins or close friends rather than family members would be a better idea. It’s entirely up to you to make the best decision. However, do not use this writing as a form of treatment (though it can be therapeutic to tell stories in your own voice, and then share that with family. When the time comes, contact distant relatives, friends, and loved ones. It is entirely up to you to decide with whom you feel comfortable sharing your writing and what types of writing you feel comfortable sharing. In any case, don’t underestimate the value of your voice as a gift.


Be resourceful:

I used to print pages of my short tales and attach them to construction paper, then bind them with twine when I was in high school. I used coloured pencils to color the cover and was quite happy with the outcome. When it comes to younger gift-givers with limited money and time, I highly recommend this. You might be amazed at what tools you can find in your house’s arts and crafts drawers to make some enjoyable projects for your family. This can be used for any special occasion, but especially during the holidays!


Make a Professional First Impressions… but Plan Ahead:

You must plan ahead of time if you intend to hire a professional book printer or use a print-on-demand service. This year, I’m learning the hard way because some of my gifts aren’t going to arrive on time, so I’ll have to send a “preview” before the full book arrives. If you have longer work that you want to give to a large group of individuals, this is a terrific alternative. Four of the eleven stories in the collection have never been published before, and three have never been published at all. They’re only for my family and friends. However, you must plan beforehand. I recommend placing your order by December 1st, especially if you need to package and mail your books to distant family members. So send gifts online and make your friends’ day amazing.


Imitate the look of professional printing:

You can make a professional-looking book with printed pages and card stock if you have a few additional resources. I learned how to create a double-sided, paginated booklet using online guides, and then utilized textured card stock for the cover. Even though the resultant book is quite slim, the textured cardboard helps to create the “feel” of a professional piece of printing. If you use this method, make sure you have access to a “long stapler” so you can correctly staple a booklet’s central spine. You can usually find one of these in copy shops or your workplace’s copy or mailroom.

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