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Currently, Jira has become the most popular suite of agile work management and software testing tools in recent years. This tool allows you to interact and cooperate across all teams and work collaboratively. However, Jira offers consumers a variety of unique solutions and deployment choices for specialized Software, Ops Team, IT, Business, and many more. Thus, to become proficient in this tool, Jira Certification is a must.

This certification serves as a basis for developing the skills needed to manage projects and tasks in JIRA. Those who get into this certification course will gain hands-on experience with the program. Also, they may utilize their abilities to organize their work and manage projects and assignments. Overall, this training course teaches people how to set up and arrange their workplace.

Need for Getting Jira Certification:

Getting a JIRA Certification will make you move forward on the right career track. It will make you understand the JIRA terminologies, core JIRA concepts, and the practices followed by the JIRA testing tool. Apart from this, JIRA certification offers the following benefits which are worth acquiring in 2022:

  • With the help of JIRA certification, the aspiring candidates will get familiar with the details and fundamentals of this respective domain. It allows them to utilize it in their daily business operation.
  • However, setting up this tool for business users will become extremely simple so that everyone is on the proper track of dealing with things and executing them professionally.
  • This certification assists individuals in setting up the JIRA account according to the demands and requirements. It also ensures the achievement of overall objectives.
  • Setting up custom screens, processes, and projects in JIRA will become extremely simple with the help of the certification.
  • Creating, editing, and deleting user profiles will be carried out very effectively in this situation so that everyone is on the proper track of dealing with things and will implement things in a very well-planned manner.
  • This field offers tremendous growth possibilities for JIRA-certified individuals within and outside the organizations.

What JIRA Certification & Training will Comprise?

After finishing your JIRA certification, you will learn more about the Jira tool. It will help you to complete your tasks more successfully. However, you have the choice to pick the course as per your requirement. Thus, look at the most crucial things you’ll learn after earning your Jira Certification.

  • You’ll be familiar with the Scrum structure, processes, assets, and events.
  • Also, you will utilize Jira successfully and create accurate Scrum projects.
  • In addition, JIRA certification will make you know how to set up the Scrum board using Jira Agile boards.
  • Help the individuals to construct and manage backlogs, sprints, and epics on a Scrum board with proper training and coaching.

Certification Cost of JIRA Technology:

You can now access Jira certification training courses online and offline. However, it may take a few months to acquire your certification. Moreover, these courses help candidates to step forward to new skills and boost their professions to new heights. The exciting thing about this course is that no prior experience is required to participate in these courses. Also, the certification cost of this course is inexpensive, depending on the type of courses you choose to study. Now, have a look at the prices of the JIRA course.

  • Showing Jira using real-life case studies will cost you around Rs 3200.
  • Basics of Jira for users, managers, and administrators cost around Rs 7500.
  • The cost of a Crash Course of Jira Tool is approximately Rs 6500
  • At last, the Jira certification cost price is Rs 20,000

Job Profiles to Explore After Getting JIRA Certification:

Depending upon the Jira Certification Cost and your interest, you may choose any Jira course. However, this IT profession provides excellent employment growth. As a result, a list of all the prominent career profiles is as follows:

Jira Administrator:

As a Jira Administrator, you need to deal with the Administer Jira Worldwide Consent. His primary role is an authorization for projects. Thus, your initial payment would range from Rs 6 LPA to 8 LPA. Also, you must have strong communication skills, document management, typing, and bookkeeping abilities.

Jira Developer:

As a Jira Developer, you will be responsible for developing and managing computerized work processes in Jira. However, as a developer in a Jira environment, your primary task is to improve and update Jira ventures, archive the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and effectively complete the assignments. Moreover, the initial compensation of a Jira developer ranges from Rs 5 LPA to 8 LPA. In addition, their crucial skillset includes problem-solving abilities, mathematical ability, knowledge of several programming languages, and organizational and time management abilities.

Jira Engineer:

While working as a Jira Engineer, your primary task involves building and setting up lead tests, gear, test objects, obtaining information, and creating new hardware models. However, the average income package for developing your career as a Jira Engineer is approximately Rs 5LPA to 8 LPA. Moreover, you must be well-versed in software development, object-oriented design, software testing, and debugging. Also, you must know computer code and programming.


Finally, Jira Software has controlled the IT sector and evolved into the most reliable testing and project management software in the market. It simplifies the monitoring, management, and control of complicated projects. Thus, To learn the advanced concepts of Jira, you must enroll yourself in Jira Testing Online Training. Such training will help you to understand the Jira terminologies and assist you with the working of the software.

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