Kids Salon

Kids Salon

A Kids Salon is an excellent way to introduce your child to the salon experience. These salons cater to children of all ages and offer services for the entire family. Choose a Kids Salon with a child-friendly decor and you’ll be guaranteed a great experience. There are a number of options to choose from.

Cozy’s Kids Salon

A family friendly salon, Cozy’s Kids Salon specializes in kids haircuts. Their staff is experienced in handling the different hair types of young children. Besides a variety of haircut styles, they also offer ear piercing and a Braid and Blow Out bar. They also provide free games and lollipops for kids. Parents can also have their child’s hair styled as part of a birthday party package.

With locations on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and UWS, Cozy’s has something for every child. A kid-friendly atmosphere with a relaxed atmosphere is ideal for moms who don’t want to leave their little ones in an uncomfortable environment. Cozy’s offers complimentary toys with each haircut, and prices start at $30. Parents will appreciate the quality of Cozy’s service. If you have a child with special needs, make an appointment at Cozy’s Kids Salon.

Cozy Friedman started Cozy’s Cuts for Kids in 1994. Her goal was to provide a unique environment where kids could have a relaxing experience while having their hair done. She is an expert in children’s hair and the author of Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair.

Your kids might be asking: “Edamama?” Or, “Baby?” Well, you can call them both that! There are many benefits to being called a Baber or Edamama. The baber cape, which has a diameter of 23.6 inches, is made of polyester and wire. It weighs around 77 grams. To use it, you just pull the cape back over your kid’s head. Be careful not to tilt it while lifting it. Then, you can take it outside and dump out any hair that may be clinging to it.


Edamama for kids is a unique and trendy kids clothing store that offers merchandise designed by independent artists from around the world. Its wide variety of clothes and accessories will suit the needs of cool, funny, sweet, and even weird kids. The website is designed to make buying clothing and accessories for kids a simple process.

Edamame is a high-protein snack that also provides nutrients like iron, manganese, and riboflavin. It also contains a good source of fiber and fatty acids. Edamame can be served whole, which is safe for young kids who have the teeth to chew crunchy food, or cut into smaller pieces. When serving edamame, try to think creatively about how you want to serve the snack.

Edamame contains high amounts of vitamin C and folate. These nutrients help your child maintain a healthy immune system and promote healthy skin. They also help the body produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. Additionally, they contain other essential nutrients such as calcium, zinc, and phosphorus.


Edamame is a common vegetable in Japanese cuisine.  Its first mention in Japanese literature dates back to 1638. A poem called edamame was written in Japanese during the Edo period (1603-1868).

Edamame are whole soybeans. They can be packed into a lunchbox or eaten as a snack. Tempeh and soy crumbles are great alternatives to meat in tacos and lasagnas. You can even use extra firm tofu in dishes. You can also buy soy milk, which has a bit of sugar added to every glass.

Edamame can be eaten hot or cold. It can be paired with a healthy dip like hummus or low-fat plain yogurt. You can also add it to soups or rice dishes. They are also tasty in bean salads. Adding a dash of soy sauce is another way to add a little extra nutrition to your kids’ meals.

Get Coiffed

GetCoiffed is a premium house-call hair salon that services Manhattan families from Battery Park City to 102nd street. It offers men’s, women’s, children, and senior haircuts. With a mission to serve the whole spectrum, GetCoiffed offers services to everyone in your family.

Parents who want to make their children feel special may want to consider booking a Glamour Party. The salon will send a team of licensed stylists to your child’s home to create a glamorous updo complete with glitter, sparkly clips, and other fun hair accessories. The party will also include a manicure and light make-up.

She spent over ten years working in a children’s hair salon in Manhattan. She found it stressful, and she realized that children hated getting their haircuts.

A number of kids salons offer different services. Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids in Manhattan features novelty salon chairs and a line of shampoos just for kids. The chain also offers a special first-time haircut package that includes a car seat. The salon is also a great place for birthday parties.

For kids with special needs, there are a number of other options in Queens. The hair salon is inclusive of children with disabilities and welcomes all children. The staff also has a wide range of toys and games for children to enjoy. Kids are welcome here from babies to teenagers and offer a first haircut certificate.

Sit Still Kids Salon

The Sit Still Kids Salon is a modern family salon that caters to the needs of children.

After the pandemic, the salon reopened with a skeleton crew.  This policy will continue until vaccinations are available to all children. Until that time, Sit Still will continue to offer kid-friendly salon services to families.

When traveling by bus, light rail, or car, Moovit can help you navigate to Sit Still Kids Salon – Lake Oswego. The free app will provide directions to the salon and provide an estimated time of arrival. It will also show you which stops are closest to your destination. By using Moovit, you can use public transportation to get to Sit Still Kids Salon – Lake Oswego, and it won’t cost you a single penny.


As an advertising executive turned mom to three young children, Eda is passionate about providing an enjoyable, fun, and relaxing environment for families. She combines her love of motherhood with her creative and dynamic style to create a unique kids salon and boutique experience for families in the NYC area. Whether you’re looking for a daycare or a hair salon, this Brooklyn destination is sure to provide a great experience for your child and your whole family.

Edamama Kids Salon has many features to keep your child entertained, including an in-store children’s book store and a cafe for parents. They also have free story time and birthday parties. With their four stations, you can choose the kind of service your child would enjoy. Guests can also enjoy movies during haircuts with parent permission.

As a mom of three, Eda Ross wanted to be home with her children as often as possible. She was also looking for a way to get closer to the community by offering her services to parents. She chose to open Edamama Kids Salon in her local area, and her passion for children’s salons grew into a successful business.

Glamour Lounge for tweens

The salon has two locations. One location is a salon for kids while the other is a spa for teens. Both locations offer various beauty services and products, including manicures and hair cuts. Teens who visit this salon can opt for special services for different occasions, such as birthday parties.

The salon’s atmosphere is fun and teen-friendly.  Prices start at $35 for boys and $38 for girls. Teens can also enjoy a manicure and makeup session at the salon.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is a fun place for kids to get a haircut. The environment is clean, stress-free and designed to make kids feel comfortable and happy. The staff also has fun items like shark tattoos, video games, and fun cars. Guests also get to take a picture of their new look in an oversized Instagram frame.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is a nationwide chain that offers haircuts for children between two and 14 years old. The Gaithersburg location is located at 804 Muddy Branch Rd in the Muddy Branch shopping center, between First Watch and Lum Thai. Guests can experience a fun atmosphere, complete with interactive rides and 40′-screen televisions.

The new location is also a great place for kids’ birthday parties. The team at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids will make sure the birthday child has a great time. The salon also sells their own line of kid-friendly hair products. The brand is located all over the world, and there are also several locations in Northern Virginia.

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