Make fascinating hair packaging designs for your extensions

Hair extensions are every woman’s savior after they get a haircut that didn’t come out as they expected. These artificial hair integrations add to the volume and length of the hair and make your hair look fuller. Therefore, Analyzing that hair extension are a delicate hair product, they need to be packed strongly. If these extensions come in contact with any object, they transfer bacteria. Ultimately, this can lead to many hair diseases.

Therefore, hair packaging boxes must ensure their safety and no contact from the exterior. While ensuring the safety of the extensions, let’s ensure the safety of the hair packaging boxes too!

The custom hair boxes can be designed in a way that fascinates its users. The hair care products industry has been witnessed growing rapidly in no time. Ultimately, the competition amongst hair care brands got tough. There are many companies that provide hair extensions now.  Every brand works hard to make their products the best and increase their brand value. However, a major way this particular industry has grown its brand’s importance is by working and modifying its hair boxes.

It is true to say that packaging speaks for your brand. Below are some ways you can use to make fascinating hair boxes designs for your extensions!

Decide what packaging style suits you best!


Examine all packaging styles and see what suits you best. Hair packaging boxes can use all styles of packaging. All you need to do is customize them according to the size of your hair extensions. This is however the first step to making a fascinating hair packaging design for the company.

Look for all the options you have on hand. Sleeve boxes, Die-cut boxes, gold or silver foiling; look for what is exciting for you. The style of the box is what the customer will first see and hence should be decided wisely.

Design a print for your hair packaging!

While personalizing the packaging of your hair boxes, you’re in control to design a deluxe print. This hair packaging will represent your brand and be your identity. Keeping in mind its responsibility, you should feel free to be creative with the design. Using a decent base color and printing some cute patterns onto it will deliver you a fancy yet well-crafted hair extension packaging.

Once this packaging is printed on the hair packaging boxes, you might get emotional on seeing how exquisite they’ve turned out!

Personalize a logo for the packaging of your hair extensions!


Logo sets a trademark for your brand. They become your identification amongst the people. Therefore, a logo for your hair packaging boxes must be designed with a mindful of expressions. Be vigilant while designing your logo. Your logo will decide your place in the market and lead you to success. People are very observant especially when it comes to logos.

If you feel like personalizing a logo for your brand is a hard task, you can either get logo designers on board or:

  • Think of a thoughtful shape and color that best goes with your brand.
  • Make that color the classic/official color representing your hair extension and convert the shape into a logo.
  • Form a tagline or brainstorm three words that describe your hair extensions and use them along with the logo.

Make the packaging of your hair extension boxes eco and user friendly

Anything that is eco and user-friendly fascinates the audience. No second questions asked! Our environment is becoming hazardous and the air is becoming polluted. People are now very cautious towards the packaging of the purchases they make in this regard. It is sufficient that your hair packaging is eco-friendly for it to reside in the hearts of the users.

Products like hair extensions must be packed in user-friendly packaging that is handy and can be taken along while traveling. As for hair packaging boxes, brands that used large boxes had to face loss since the size of the packaging wasn’t appreciated by the buyers. However, you must make sure to keep all such aspects in mind while designing your hair boxes.

It is a fact that being a little considerate towards your boxes for hair extensions makes your hair extension boxes fascinating which will eventually help you attract customers and boost sales. All you need to do is make wise decisions and be innovative!

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