Mercedes Benz AMG GT – Things you need to know

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is one gorgeous looking car; of that, there is no doubt. It draws a lot of attention wherever you take it and has everyone swipe out their mobiles for a shot. Its predecessor, the SLS AMG had a bit more drama to it because of the gull-wing doors; the GT, on the other hand, comes with smoother surfaced body panels.

Low-slung GT

One hard look at the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT will remind you of the SLS in a way or two, but the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is undoubtedly smaller and not as in-your-face as the SLS. The bulging fenders can be seen from inside the car and the air vents before the windscreen along with a smart nose, the massive three-pointed-star grille, flanked by air intakes and stylish headlights give it a great exterior look. Viewed from the side, it looks masculine with the voluptuous hips at the back, giving it A good stance. We also love the horizontal LED tail lights and the massive diffuser. Adding to that stance are those black, centre-locked wheels (19-inchers up-front and 20-inchers at the back). And the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT looks fantastic in Solarbeam Yellow Metallic paint. Mercedes-Benz Cars have given it a lesser powerful engine; the AMG GT is a sports car aimed at sports cars, not supercars. So it’s obvious it will have more customers and that also means the Porsche 911 is a direct threat.

Gaming console

The cabin is very fitting for something that is a GT; the doors are hinged like regular ones, and the moment you’re inside, you realise just how good a cabin it is. There’s lots of soft leather, Alcantara and lacquered carbon-fibre and everything is built to a great standard. The interior is an all-new design; the dashboard is wide and gets four central AC vents. There are buttons for damper control, engine start, manual mode and ESP. There are a few ergonomic faults; one being your elbow hitting against buttons; also, the gear selector is very small and is positioned awkwardly between the seats. Controls for the hazard lights and seat heating are on the roof. The moment you’ve plonked yourself in the driver’s seat, you get a hold of the solid steering lined with Alcantara; ahead of you, you see the long bonnet and you feel like you’re seated in a race car. The seats are snug and firm, typical of what you’ll find on other AMGs from Mercedes-Benz Cars. But there is no thigh support or bolster adjustment. Behind you lurks the gearbox and the rear suspension. At the back, you get a reasonably sized boot. Rear visibility is poor because of the broad pillars.

V8 thunder

About the Mercedes-Benz engine

Coming to the engine now. The AMG Speedshift, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission does a swell job in helping put power down to the road. It shifts quickly, but if you’re not speeding, the ‘box can get a bit jerky especially at low speeds. The engine is responsive, but the ‘box hesitates to keep up with it. The GT gets five driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Race and Individual. These modes adjust the engine and gearbox responses, the volume of the engine and the firmness of the suspension. The car also features launch control, helping the car sprint from 0-100kph in 3.82 seconds. Thanks to the turbos, this engine is very responsive and the engine sounds fantastic, like all V8-engined AMGs. The GT accelerates strongly all the way to 7000rpm, but this is where you’ll have to be careful. If you floor the loud pedal suddenly, despite the ESC mode on in Sport mode, the car will kick its tail out; it requires you to be alert.

Easy does it

The GT is not a difficult car to drive though, it has lots of poise and darting in and out of corners is not an issue, for as long as you know what you’re doing. There’s plenty of grip available too; the steering is nice and sharp, allowing you to chuck the nose into corners. At times, it does feel a bit too light even if you’re in Sport+ mode.  This car aims at doing serious three-digit speeds, not fuel efficiency figures.

The ultimate AMG

The Mercedes-AMG GT is perhaps the ultimate AMG car you can buy, besides the GT-R of course. Its raw performance, comfortable cockpit and lustful V8 exhaust sound are things to die for. Then there’s the fact that it handles in a matured way and is also one among the hottest looking cars you can buy. India already has plenty of these around, and after having driven one, we now understand why.

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