Mobile Watch Under 1500 in Pakistan

If you narrow down smart watch market, getting mobile watches under 1500 is a tedious task. Now, you don’t have to get worried because of it. provides the best mobile watches under every budget. Here, we will be providing you with all the information regarding the best watch under this budget, its specifications, features, battery, reliability, durability, and material quality of the strap. The watch we are going to share is more like a band. Its name is a band, but it will provide you with a tremendous user experience like a mobile watch. Although the watch was designed for fitness lovers, however, other users can also get benefits. Let’s move to the watch.

The Best Band Mobile Watch Under 1500 in Pakistan


D18 smart watch IP65 waterproof is the best choice for athletes and rough users. This smart watch is sphere-shaped in design, has an elegant display, and is made of high-quality materials. It is created entirely from the inside out and uses a 1.3-inch, 240*240 high-resolution HD display screen with light. With USB Interface Charging, the charging procedure is quite straightforward. The watch in question is a viable solution for both students and athletes. The D18 Mobile watch costs only Rs. 1989 but if you choose a normal quality strap, you can get this watch for just Rs 1499/-.


Without carrying your Android phone, you may create reminders and check your screen for notifications. The D18 includes a 90mah battery in addition to all of these characteristics, which is strong due to the screen’s small size and moderate power usage. Basic Operations Involve precise step counting, distance walking, Accurate step counting, detecting walking distance, detecting heart rate and blood oxygen levels, working out mode, detecting blood pressure, reminding users to take breaks from long sitting, smart alarm clock, etc. are some of the basic features.


Variety in Colors and Strap Material

D18 mobile watch comes with different straps like plastic, rubber, TPU, and leather also. This means you can select a strap according to your desire, but the price of each strap will be different. We have shared the info regarding rubber or plastic straps. The price may go beyond this budget.

If we talk about variety in colors, this watch is available in Red, Black, Blue, purple and green. This has also something to do with gender. For example, the favorite color among men is black. Women can also choose green or purple according to their choice. Girls usually choose colors that suit their clothes and shoes.


Bottom Lines

Mobile watches are often used in busy routines to get rid of congested schedules. A smart touch watch can help everyone among us, but budget is the thing that pops up in one’s mind. In this piece of information, we have shared the best watch that can help you at the lowest rate. If you are one who wants to buy, can get it at discounted rates from If someone needs more info regarding watches or any other category, has to keep in touch with our blogs.

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