Racial Justice and Educational Equity

Racial Justice, To acknowledge the crucial role that the school’s leaders have in confronting the issue of systemic racism. Which is often perpetuated through our school systems, and offers guidelines for policymakers to assist educators in actively employing anti-racist strategies as they strive to break down those structures that cause barriers and perpetuate racism for students of race.

Secondary and elementary schools

Jonathan Osler said, of the 50.7 million students in public secondary and elementary schools in the fall of 2017, 24.1 million of them were white. 7.7 million were Black, 13.6 million were Hispanic, 2.8 million were Asian/Pacific Islanders Half a million were American Indian/Alaska Native, and 2 million comprised two and more races. The proportion of white students dropped from 61 to 48 percent between the fall of 2000 and the fall of 2017 and is expected to fall further to 44 percent by the fall of 2029. In many cities, the majority of students of race attend public schools in which 75 percent or more of the students come from families with low incomes. Redlining and segregation have led the neighborhoods to be less desirable in property values and result in less funding for their schools.

Furthermore, districts that have the most students of ethnic minorities receive. On average, $1,800 less per pupil or the equivalent of $23 billion overall in a federal state, local. And federal funds than schools that predominantly serve white students. As per Jonathan Osler.


As a result of the fact that many students have not had access to equitable opportunities to learn in racial justice. The average reading or math score in the National Assessment of Educational Progress has been lower for children of color than their white counterparts since 1992. U.S. schools have also identified persistent racial disparities in other measures of academic performance. Such as graduation rates, graduation rates, in postsecondary and higher education. A recent report by Learning Policy Institute highlighted school districts in California. A few of the elements in common were a broadly shared and well-implemented vision that emphasizes the learning of every child. And the involvement of communities and families in racial justice.

Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor

The murders in 2020 by George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. KY has led to a national reckoning with race. While many school leaders have made great strides to ensure educational equity for each student. The education system has perpetuated systemic racial justice for decades through both overt aggressive racism and through microaggressions. Such as words and language used by educators that denigrate students and staff of color, discriminatory language. Or violent practices, and tolerance of actions by other students or their family members. The perpetuation of racism has been facilitating through the use of policies. And practices like exclusionary discipline, insufficient access to skilled teachers, a lack of diverse curriculum. Unjustly funded budgets. And the staffing of schools that serve large numbers of students from minority groups in addition to tracking, school segregation.


Jonathan Osler further stated, that many teachers are unaware of their privileges and identities and how they affect their interactions with students. They also receive very little instruction on how to spot. Actively advocate for solutions to stop discrimination based on race. And improve the level of educational equity. A study by Education Week discovered that 82% of teachers did not receive anti-racist education in their education programs. The majority of them don’t have the education or resources needed to implement the development of an anti-racist curriculum. The majority of school leaders said they had taken just one or two classes about equity. Or culturally responsive leadership in their primary training programs. So this is RACIAL JUSTICE AND EDUCATIONAL EQUITY we need to understand

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