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Top 5 Luxury Old Age Homes in Kottayam and Kochi Area


The desire to do research and make decisions declines as individuals grow older. You appreciate it when someone comes up with ready-made solutions. The same logic applies when you’re looking for a list of old age homes in Kerala for the retired years of your life.

As a result, we decided to simplify your efforts to a manageable level and give a list of old age homes in Kerala. We selected several basic criteria and formed judgments based on them. Let’s take a look at the acclaimed names that lived up to expectations.

Why Kerala can be good option to stay after retirement?

  • People with assets worth organizing often look for reliable persons to look after their possessions. It is difficult to handle everything and look after their parents from abroad.
  • It’s a challenge to go for a break while taking care of parents who need special care. A reputed old age home can be a better option in that case.
  • People working in the Middle East usually look for settling down in Kerala as a luxury retirement place. They can even spend in a flat, for which we will find a resident, lease out, and they receive the payment. They can also decide to stay here when they come during the holiday.
  • USA, Canada, North Indian states etc., gets really chilled during winters. Senior people often like to spend time in Kerala during winters.

Top 5 luxurious old age homes near Kottayam and Kochi

Travancore Foundation

This is another opulent elder care facility near Kottayam’s Karukachal PO. A wide range of services and amenities are available here. They ensure that all of your wants and expectations are met. In this facility, you may receive individualized care. It has retained a top position in the list of old age homes in Kerala for a long time.

Travancore Foundation is the best alternative for you if you seek an old-age home where you can enjoy an academic environment for learning. You’ll discover a massive library with a wide assortment of books and magazines over here. There are dedicated trainers who assist residents in improving their computer skills or acquiring a new skill such as singing, playing an instrument, etc. There is adequate transportation and regular health monitoring provided there.

This old age home’s residents are mostly well-educated folks who value culture and relationships. You will not be bored and your days won’t be dull in any way. This old age home hosts a number of festivals and celebrations. Apart from that, housekeeping services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here, the cuisine and lodging are excellent and lavish.

House of Providence

Since 1937, the House of Providence, established by Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Attippetti, the Late Archbishop of Verapoly, has been dedicatedly serving the elderly from all over the country. This is one of the best old age homes in Kottayam that have a long track record of satisfied residents and family members. It is 80G certified and has received multiple certificates of recognition.

Like the other luxurious old age homes in Kottayam, they provide medical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with properly labeled medicines ranging from the most basic to the most critical. The dispensary offers a variety of services, including oxygen administration, nebulization, and suction.

There are entertainment events on occasion, periodic get-togethers, and other cultural events. If you are searching for old age homes in Kottayam, your search can end here.

Shepherd Senior Living

Shepherd Senior Living gives you the feeling of being at home, even though it is a magnificent senior living facility. Your sentiments and privacy is respected here, and your independence is protected. Their primary objectives are to provide warmth and friendship.

You will find a spiritually uplifting community at Shepherd Senior Living, where you may live fully and pursue your passions while enjoying the convenience, security, and friendship of their unique, supportive environment. It is popular amongst other old age homes in Kottayam.

The rooms are luxurious. There are well-furnish bedrooms and a large dining room. Culinary experts prepare the meals, so you can be assur that your nourishment is in good hands. For recreation, you can visit a library and select a suitable book.

Soukhya Homes

This is one of the opulent old age homes in Kochi (near Ernakulam). This old age home believes in reliving life and is known for its enticing collections of villas and suites. In this facility, you will discover all types of grandeur and lavishness. Fully equipped air-conditioned bedrooms, drawing rooms, dining halls, balconies with views of lush greenery, and sophisticated washrooms are available.

The Ayurveda Wellness center, which provides services from educated Ayurveda practitioners and doctors, is another well-known offering here. This makes this organization stand out amongst the other old age homes in Kochi. Apart from this, there are obvious facilities such as housekeeping for 24 hours and transportation services. There are full-time nursing and well-nutritious meals offered.

Primus Senior Living

Primus Senior Living is undoubtedly one of the most incredible options for old age homes in Kochi for you. The extravagance and elegance over here have a tinge of western culture. There are well-furnish grand rooms available, and housekeeping services are accessible 24 hours a day.

This organization arranges numerous workshops, celebrations, and fun games to keep the residents pleased all of the time.

Your efforts have now been significantly reduce. You don’t have to conduct your research. Select the one that best meets your budget, expectations, and requirements. We wish you all the best in your retired life!

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