Top In-Demand Engineering Fields in Canada for 2022

Engineering is a broad science with approximately 40 different types of engineering careers spread throughout five sub-disciplines. Engineering is also one of the most promising careers in Canada, with professionals in practically every industry and field in constant demand.

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The Top In-demand fields of Engineering are:

1-     Project Engineering

On our list of top engineering careers, project management skills have taken over the top spot. In today’s job market, candidates with leadership and problem-solving skills, expertise in leading projects, managing budgets, conducting risk management assessments, and supervising personnel, are in great demand.

A project manager must have a strong educational background and several years of professional experience.

Need for project manager

s in a wide range of industries. For example, senior engineers for managerial positions are in high demand in Quebec’s vibrant aerospace industry.

2-    Civil Engineering

Civil engineers construct the structures (buildings, roads, and infrastructure) through which the world relies on, lives, and is connected. It is also one of the world’s oldest engineering fields. It can be split down into the following sub-disciplines because it is such a large field:

  • structural
  • construction
  • environmental
  • transportation

Environmental engineering includes the removal of pollutants from the environment. Given that more than 70% of people believe that the environment is more important than economic growth, environmental engineers will continue to be one of the most in-demand engineering careers worldwide in the future.

Civil engineers are currently the most in-demand engineering profession, with an average pay of $68,250 per year for a junior executive and $116,025 per year for a senior executive.

3-    Computer Software Engineering

As we move into the digital era, the demand for Software Engineers is expected to grow, and it is expected to become one of the most significant and in-demand positions in the future. Software is currently used by a wide range of businesses for even the most basic day-to-day operations, implying that new applications and programs are no longer limited to technology companies.

The number of people working in this profession has increased by 22% in the last five years. Canadian employers hire software engineers as soon as they become available, earning an average pay of $87,028 to $138,125 at the senior level.

4-    Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most common engineering disciplines, and it involves the design and maintenance of anything with moving parts. Renewable/alternative energy is a sub-field of mechanical engineering where demand is expected to grow by nearly 7% over the next decade.

The rising demand for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, combined with their low cost of production, makes the industry more financially sustainable. A mechanical engineer working in the field of renewable energy earns an average of $64,786 per year and may earn up to $107,486 per year.

5-    Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of Canada’s most in-demand engineering professions, with professionals working in a wide range of industries. Electrical Engineers will be at the forefront of developing innovation as the trend toward sustainable development and energy efficiency grows. In Canada, the average income for an Electrical Engineer is $77,196, with most experienced individuals earning up to $130,000 per year.

6-    Petroleum Engineering

With many petroleum engineers set to retire in the next generation and energy firms relying mainly on their expertise, the demand for petroleum engineers is expect to exceed the number of people qualified to fill open positions.

Furthermore, despite the push for electric vehicles, clean energy oil continues to be highly value and employ in various industries, especially as the worldwide demand for energy increases. Petroleum engineers in Ontario make an average income of $98,503 to $160,000.

7-     Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering (with a focus on Agri and Biosciences) is a type of specialized engineering (like Biotech) and an entire agricultural field to ensure global food security. This is important for the future of our planet’s ever-expanding population.

The global food system is facing significant issues, which are expect to increase significantly during the next 40 years. Future topics will require even more radical adjustments to the food system.

8-    Mining Engineering

The raw components required to develop any structure are its essence. While traditional resource mining, such as iron mining, is declining, the raw materials need to promote electric vehicle innovation are still require.

Over the next decade, demand for resources such as lithium, copper, and nickel will increase. Engineers in this industry will be needed to construct open pit and underground mines and monitor the extraction of these raw materials.

Furthermore, such careers are advantageous because many workers in this area will be retiring by 2024. The average Mining Engineer earns $96,805 per year, up to $131,200 for senior executives.


Wrapping Up

Engineering jobs of all types are in great demand and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Engineers are in high demand in Canada’s health, information technology, manufacturing, mining, and energy industries (among others). It’s safe to assume that someone with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a strong interest in a particular field. A good chance of earning a six-figure salary early in their career (Cicek et al., 2021)

More importantly, Canada provides engineers with the opportunity to collaborate on vital green initiatives as well as innovative medical and health advancements.



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