What exams are required to study abroad?

What exams are required to study abroad?

What exams are required to study abroad?

Study abroad comes with its own benefits, but students need a lot of preparation. There are many exams which a student needs to appear to gain entry into a particular academic institute.

There are several factors which need to be considered before students make the big plunge in their careers.

  • Accommodation
  • Cost
  • Travel
  • Livelihood
  • Job opportunities
  • Scholarships etc

Students always keep a check on the pricing as it is the main factor. But before zeroing in it, the entry-level exams need to be considered too.


When planning to study abroad, students should think what entrance exams they need to apply for so that they can gain entry. Apart from that, there are language exams too to test the proficiency skills of students. We list some of the standard exams which will make the admission process easier for them.

SAT required to study abroad

Its complete form is the Scholastic Assessment Test, a world-renowned college admission test. Students are evaluated on their written, verbal and mathematical skills. SAT is mandatory for students willing to get admitted to undergraduate courses, mainly in the US and Canada. Some of the universities in the UK even consider SAT scores. The primary purpose of SAT is to compare all applicants on a common data point.

sat exam online test

LSAT required 


The graduate’s Law School Admission Test is taken by students willing to join law schools in the USA, Canada, etc. The exam checks the law skills of students and measures if students are worthy enough to opt for a career in law. The exams have a different section which evaluated evaluates the many abilities of students. It includes managing information, drawing inferences, being a critical thinker and understanding complex texts. Students also need to evaluate reasoning and arguments.

TOEFL required to study abroad

Its complete form is the Test for English as a Foreign Language, and the test is reliable and valid. It is based on unbiased, objective scoring. It goes on to test that the students have sufficient English language skills required for academic success. In more than 8,500 colleagues and universities, the test is recognised and accepted. The test is administered in more than 4500 centres in almost 180 countries. The test scores remain valid for two years.

GRE required to study abroad

The Graduate Record Exam is an entry to graduate school in countries like the USA, UK and Australia etc. Many universities across the world accept it. It tests students’ basic abilities in math, reading and essay writing. A good GRE score must be 75th percentile. The frequency of the test is once every 21 days. It can go up to 5 times without having any continuous rolling 12- month period.

IELTS required to study abroad

The International English Language Testing System test the English proficiency of students. The standardised test is taken by non-native speakers willing to study in English-speaking countries to live and work.

The test is accepted and recognised by more than 9,000 organisations worldwide. It can include educational institutes, employers and working professionals too. The IELTS examination serves two different purposes academic and general.

GMAT required to study abroad

Take the Graduate Management Admission Test if you want to study abroad. The exam is designed for MBA aspirants. The test is a valid and reliable predictor of academic performance. Students are tested for skills like problem-solving, critical and logical reasoning, analytical writing etc. More than 110 countries provide more than 5400 programs through GMAT. The selection criteria are clear, and the test is accepted in countries like India, the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. The average GMAT score must be in the range of 570-580. A minimum score of 700 is required.

SCAT required 

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a mandatory test for admission into medicine in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The test is conducted to check students’ problem-solving, critical thinking and writing skills. Students are even assessed for scientific concepts and principles.

So, before you plan to study abroad, try and take the above tests to get into the desired university of your choice.

Travel to a new destination, experience different cultures and make friends from people across the world. There are many reasons why students study abroad, like gaining new perspectives. Developing personally and professionally improves career prospects, which benefits students’ growth. Students get a new outlook when they study abroad.

Go through the above blog and chart your path towards a successful career. Do not wait any longer. Get started now!


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