Which Is Better for Your Business: Steel or Wrought Iron Fences

Steel or Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought Iron Fence So you want to surround your home or business with fencing. You have spent a lot of time researching and are continuing to ask your friends for advice. The two most popular types of fencing, steel and wrought iron, seem like very different choices. One is all about strength and durability, the other is about style. How do you decide which is the better choice for your property?

The factors to consider

when making the decision of using steel or wrought iron fencing. The main thing to think about is what kind of damage will be done to your property by using a fence made from one material over another.


  • Steel is a very strong material. If you look at an ordinary rebar fence, it will often be a single vertical piece of steel. The ends are capped with some sheathing that forms an ‘A’ shape when examined from above. One end of the rebar extends horizontally in the direction of travel. The other end is nailed to the top of a large beam located either at ground level or somewhere near that end.This type of fence is not supposed to be left in one spot for any length of time.  The vertical piece of rebar will be placed somewhere next to a building. As long as it is free from snow and reasonable rain, the rebar should accommodate that location for a very long time. If you live in the winter, you may want to consider something with a little more protection.
  • This type of steel fence can be use to enclose a building and maintain privacy. For this purpose, it will be placed right next to your home or business. If you are planning on using this type of fence for security purposes, then it would likely have one horizontal post near the front of the structure and no vertical posts near the house. It will provide a very sturdy place to keep unwanted parties away from your private property. If you have a swimming pool or any other type of water feature, you can use the fence for that as well. It will keep uninvited guests out of the area and prevent accidents from occurring.If left outside in normal conditions, this style of fence should last for many years to come. You may have to replace some parts at some point, but it is fairly resistant to damage from weather and even falling objects.

Wrought iron is also very strong

It is a popular choice because it looks like the fences that you typically see in your more upscale neighborhoods. The designs are intricate and can be paint to match the color of the home or business that it protects. There are many design choices available, allowing you to customize the fence to match your personal tastes.While wrought iron fencing offers some degree of protection against falling objects, it will not withstand any type of impact from vehicles or other heavy items. It is much more susceptible to damage and will eventually break if it is hit.If you decide that this type of fence is what you want, then you are in luck. There are a few options available. The most expensive type of wrought iron fencing is decorative, usually found in the more affluent neighborhoods. The cheaper style offers more of a utilitarian feel with little or no embellishment. It cannot be paint, but it does have various designs and colors to choose from.


Difference between steel fencing and wrought iron fence:
  • Steel fences with vinyl colors are cheaper than wrought iron fences.
  • Steel fences come in many different colors. While wrought iron is limit to paint colors.
  • Wrought iron has a bit of weight to it and makes it look more premium and expensive, while steel looks cheaper because of the lighter weight.
  • Wrought Iron fencing is easier to maintain because you can use a wire brush or hose down the fence without fear of rusting or damaging the surface. While steel fencing will rust.
  • Steel fencing with an epoxy coating will last longer than the regular steel fences. Wrought iron fences can only be paint. While the steel fencing comes in powder coat color finishes which are more durable and last longer than traditional paint finishes. Powder coating is also scratch resistant as compared to paint finish.
  • Steel fencing becomes susceptible to corrosion but a good epoxy was apply that can protect from rust for years.
  • With a steel fence around your home. Which is higher and thicker, it will make the appearance of your home more appealing and help you to maintain a garden appearance.
  • In addition to decorative value. The steel fencing that’s make from a high-grade material with welded pipes has a more durable strength than wrought iron fencing. 
  • An important aspect of both types of fencing is the support it provides for your property. A wrought iron fence can support 20 pounds per square foot. While the steel fences can hold 3-5 pounds per square foot.


Final verdict:

Both styles of fencing are very strong and durable. But the designs that you choose will have a big impact on how long the fence will last. You may want to consider this information when making the decision on which type of fence to use. Steel is more durable than wrought iron, but. It does not have as much style or flair as wrought iron does. If that is what you prefer over strength, then steel fences are for you. Making the decision to use a steel or wrought iron fence will impact your property. It is important to think about all of the options that may be available for you. Steel and wrought iron are two very different types of fences. If you do decide to use one, then it is important to consider. What type of durability and strength you want for your home or business.


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