Wholesale Pillow Boxes: Add Style And Sustenance To Products

Wholesale pillow boxes can be the ideal packaging solution to protect your product. However, that is not all. They can also help you increase brand outreach and brand recall.

Pillow packaging is a remarkable packaging style that helps clients house their products inside a visually stunning container. 

Pillow packaging has curved edges, which makes the packaging suitable for products that are both round and square in shape.

What Is Pillow Packaging?  

Pillow packaging is a form of box-style packaging design with two layers of flat sheet material wrapped around one or more cushion pillows or pads.

This simple packaging style aims to prevent product damage during shipment. It also ensures that your product is well-protected.

Wholesale pillow boxes can add a dash of artistry to even the simplest product designs, given their unconventional appearance. The result is an eye-catching package design that consumers notice and remember. 

printed pillow boxes

In marketing terms, that means you’ll have a greater chance of making an impact on the market.

The pillow box is different from most other packaging containers because, rather than having flat internal surfaces, it has three curved ends that follow the shape of the product. 

Usually, the two outer layers of the board are wrapped around low-profile pillows and adhered together to form a single unit.

Corrugated Cardboard Pillow Boxes

The corrugated board is very durable. Hence it helps make some of the most robust pillow pack packagings. 

The corrugated board has a number of layers in it, and with the help of the glue, it is very hard. 

Corrugated cardboard is also recycled and hence reduces wastage. It is also cost-effective for the environment and your pocket.

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Another packaging material that can help you make amazing wholesale pillow boxes is the Kraft material. 

Manufacturers use recycled materials to make Kraft, the traditional brown paper. The Kraft pillow boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly; they can also help you make your brand stand out in the market.

Kraft pillow boxes UK can help you portray your brand as being environmentally aware, which is highly desirable in the current market. 

Other advantages of using Kraft are that it is cheap and recyclable. 

Pillow Packaging Compared To Traditional Packaging

Pillow packaging is different from traditional packaging. 

Manufacturers use various packaging materials to make pillow boxes. Furthermore, they are not uniform in design or shape either. 

Instead, pillow boxes can be made of various materials and with a range of designs that all serve the same purpose: To prevent product damage during shipment and keep the product safe. 

However, traditional packaging is more cost-effective than pillow boxes due to its uniformity. 

Pillow packs also look beautiful and can be great tools for marketing purposes and brand awareness.

The main challenge of using wholesale pillow boxes as a packaging material is that they result in higher shipping costs than traditional packaging.

custom pillow packaging

Pillow Boxes For Food And Fashion

Wholesale pillow boxes can be used to package a variety of products, such as fashion accessories, food items, electronic gadgets and other small items. 

You just need to consider the size of your item and choose accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule for using pillow packaging. 

However, suppose you are a fashion brand looking for more visual appeal. In that case, your product should be approximately the same size as this type of packaging to make it look beautiful.

Food companies use Kraft pillow boxes UK to display their products at retail stores or use them as giveaways. 

With the Kraft material, you can make your brand look good and positively impact consumers. 

Various industries use this packaging style. These include consumer products, fashion accessories, gifts, and home furnishing items.


It’s important that you ask the manufacturer about the compatibility of the material with this packaging design.

Wholesale pillow boxes can present a product in a pretty manner and add strength and support during transport from one place to another. 

You can rest assured that once your products reach their destination, the boxes will be in one piece. 

If you are a wholesaler or supplier, ordering wholesale pillow boxes from a manufacturer is your best option as it cuts costs and saves time.

People have been using this packaging for many centuries now as they find it very economical and eco-friendly as well. 

Wholesale pillow boxes can be custom-made so that you can add your brand name and logo to it. 

This makes this type of packaging even more desirable as it is very cost-effective, and the design enhances the look of the product.

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