Why Buying Instagram Followers Won’t Help You Grow Your Audience

Buy Instagram followers

You probably know that Instagram is currently the third most popular social network with users, trailing only behind Facebook and WhatsApp. It’s no surprise, then, that more businesses than ever are using Instagram to build their brand and grow their audience. However, with so many businesses flocking to the platform, competition has become increasingly cutthroat. If you’re just starting out on Instagram or trying to grow your business faster, buy Instagram followers Canada may seem like an attractive option.

With over a billion monthly active users on Instagram and new accounts being create at a rate of one every second. It can be easy to feel like you’re coming in last. After all, if everyone else is already there – why not just buy some followers? But if you’re still read this article right now you probably know that buy followers isn’t the best way to get notice on Instagram.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Canada

First things first – how do you buy Instagram followers Canada? It’s not as simple as just click a “buy now” button, unfortunately. There are several different ways to buy followers on Instagram, and they vary in their legality and reliability. If you head to a site like, you’ll see a list of companies that offer to sell you followers.

buy Instagram followers Canada

Typically, you’ll be ask to provide your Instagram username and payment information. Once you’ve chosen how many followers you want, the company will go on to add them to your account. Most of these followers will be bots that will never engage with your content or follow you back, and they can easily be spot by your Instagram algorithm. This is a very common way of purchase followers and is usually pretty cheap. While it’s clearly not a sustainable solution, it will immediately inflate your numbers and help you reach your desired follower threshold.

Why Buy Instagram Followers Won’t Help you Grow

You can even buy Instagram followers Canada that will like and comment on your posts. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common way is to buy likes and comments from third-party websites. These websites allow you to purchase “likes” and “comments” that will be added to your posts. These are often sold in bulk and can cost as little as $5 per thousand likes and comments.

This sounds great, but it’s important to realize that these are not real people. Buy Instagram likes and comments from a website will not help you grow your Instagram following, because these people are not actually interested in your content. These fake likes and comments will not translate into real followers, and they will not make you more money. There are many different ways to buy Instagram followers, and unfortunately, none of them are helpful in the long run. Buy Instagram followers can even hurt your account by violat Instagram’s terms of service and getting you kicked off of the platform.

Why Buying Instagram Followers is a Waste of Money

You’ve probably noticed that the pricing for these followers is very cheap. You can buy Instagram followers for as low as a few dollars per thousand followers. At first glance, this may seem like a great deal. After all, you can buy 1,000 Instagram followers for as little as $10. However, there is a reason why these followers are so cheap. They will probably never engage with any of your posts, and they are not interested in your Instagram page.

These fake followers are often sold by scammers who want to make a quick buck. They will add these followers to your account, but you won’t see any real results from them. Buy Instagram followers Canada is a quick and easy way to trick people into think that you’re more popular than you actually are. It’s a numbers game – and the larger your follower count, the more likely people will be to follow you back. Unfortunately, it’s also a quick and easy way to trick yourself into think that your Instagram account is more successful than it actually is.

buy Instagram followers Canada

Ways to Grow Your Audience Without Buy Followers

If you’re looking to build an engaged following on Instagram, there are several ways to do so without spending a single cent. Here are a few ways to grow your Instagram followers the right way. Host a contest – Hosting an Instagram contest is one of the most effective ways to grow your following.

Make sure to follow the Instagram rules so that your contest is not take down. Offer a free product or service with a unique caption – If you have a product or service that you want to promote, try creat unique Instagram captions to encourage engagement. These are just a few ways to grow your Instagram following. However, buying followers is never a smart choice – and it won’t do anything to help you build an engaged community.

Grow your Business Faster

Instagram is a social network that thrives on authenticity. While it’s tempting to want to get ahead of the competition by buy Instagram followers Canada, you’ll ultimately be doing yourself more harm than good. Building your Instagram following organically is the best way to go, and will help you grow your brand in a genuine way.

If you’re just starting out on Instagram or trying to grow your business faster, buying followers may seem like an attractive option. With over a billion monthly active users on Instagram and new accounts create at a rate of one every second. It can be easy to feel like you come in last. Fortunately, there are several ways to grow your following the right way – and buy Instagram followers is not one of them.

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