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6 Hidden Instagram secrets for startups to boost Instagram followers

If you are having a start-up, then it is recommended for you to have some factors that account for the success of the establishment of your business. There are many tricks to increase the number of your followers. Although it is not possible to apply each and every trick, you can really make use of some tricks that would help in increasing your Instagram followers. Here are some tricks that you, as an organisation, might follow. 

Use relevant hashtags

By using the right hashtags on your social media posts, it is possible to gain the maximum number of people to reach on your posts. This would enable the access of thousands of people on your social media posts to check out your niche. Although when it comes to Instagram, it is necessary to limit the number of hashtags on your Instagram posts. However, even in this reduced number of hashtags, it is possible to enhance the reach of your business to your business Instagram profile. 

Find the right caption

A post without a caption is like without a lifeless and colourless picture. It is important to have a caption that fits the post along with some other factors. Finding a caption may be a tough job for some people. However, you may take the help of people who are optimised to make the caption concise and related to the post. Thus would summarise the message that you would like to give through your post as someone may have uploaded the same post. This is also to distinguish between different brands uploading the same post. So, make sure that your caption rocks the post for the description of your message. 

Detailed Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is the best way to introduce your services to the world. Since most of the business pages on Instagram are public, your services would be visible to the whole world. So, just do everything that makes your profile suited for the big brands to collaborate with them as well as people to see your services. Include all the important details that are required for the good sake of your Instagram business. You can start with the services that you offer, website and end it with a call to action. This will optimise your profile in the best professional way so that you can get a lot of people to know about your services and brand. 

Paid promotions

If you collaborate with some good and reputed brands through the medium of paid promotions, it would be good for the reputation and sales of your services. On one hand, you would be having access to the services of another brand that wants or already has a good place in the market. On the other hand, you would be able to get access to the customers of other brands as well as the brand that you have collaborated with. Make sure that you post promotions with the label of paid promotions. 

Versatility in posts 

Uploading colored images or reels wouldn’t do any justice to your profile. You need to do justice with your services. This is to introduce the concept of versatility in your Instagram posts. With the use of good ideas that you can create yourself as well as you can ask the experts to help you, you would be able to create an image in the minds of old and new people. Make sure that you make use of important hashtags that are related to the post and attract the attention of people who may be of use to your business.

Enhance the engagement and interaction

You need to be interactive with your customers. This is not only through the reels and posts, you need to have sessions that introduce you with the people who are already with you. Through collaboration with other people, and love sessions, it is possible to get in touch with the people who would be of help in expanding your business.  You can enhance the ways of interaction and exchange of ideas and services through Instagram. However, you may take the assistance of some social media platforms management experts and your team as well. 


Having a good number of followers is important in this era of social media. As far as Instagram is concerned, it is important to have some factors that may be useful for you in the long run. In this write-up,  there are some tricks that you can follow to gain a hike in the number of your followers. It may not be possible to do it all alone but with the help of certain digital marketing experts, you can access the best-quality and hidden tricks for the betterment of other social media platforms in addition to Instagram.


Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field like health, fitness and lifestyle. You can reach out to him by @alexsharma111

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