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A Complete Process To Apply For Portugal Golden Visa

Getting the Portugal Golden Visa is quite straightforward. But, the process for applying for the Portugal Golden Visa needs a little bit of preparation and paperwork as well. Before you start the application process, you should consider some important things. The complete process to apply for Portugal Golden Visa is explained below:

1.Hire A Lawyer

Though it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer, it is recommended to work with the Portuguese attorney before making an investment and applying for the Portugal Golden visa. Portuguese law can be a little complex to understand for those who don’t speak Portuguese. The Portugal Golden Visa needs a significant amount of investment. Therefore, it is a good idea to get legal assistance from a lawyer to ensure that your money is safe and secure. While doing investment, your lawyer can suggest the right things, thoroughly review the contract, ensure that everything is perfect and in proper order before you finalize the things.

2.Obtain a NIF

NIF is an abbreviation for the Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF). It is a unique tax identification number that is necessary to conduct various transactions in Portugal. It includes opening up a bank account, investing in the property, signing up for utility services. You can easily get the NIF and it plays a very important role in Portugal’s Golden Visa investment. It is important to fulfill all important Portugal golden visa requirement before applying for the same.

3.Open Portuguese Bank Account

If you do not have a Portuguese bank account, then you need to open it up now. The local bank account is required for getting the confirmation that you have transferred the required amount which is required before applying for the Golden Visa Application.

The process of opening up a bank account varies from country to country. While opening up the bank account, you have to provide the NIF along with the proof of address. While opening up the account, you need to transfer €250 ($274).

4.Make Prerequisite Investment

Once your account is open-up, then you need to make the prerequisite investment before applying for the Golden Visa application. If you are choosing the real estate route, then it is very important to note the process of buying property in Portugal. Usually, this process takes one to three months.

5.Collect, Translate, & Certify Documents

If you want to apply for a Golden Visa Application, then it is very important to submit personal docs and proof of investment. You need to submit the following certificates:

  • Valid passport along with the valid identification card
  • A certificate that ensures your legal entry in Portugal
  • A certificate from the country of origin regarding your background. This certificate should not be 90 days older than submitting your application.
  • A certificate from the Portuguese Immigration and Borders service to determine your criminal record in Portugal.
  • Take the health insurance certificate with you which helps in covering your stay in Portugal which has been issued within 90 days of submitting the Portugal Golden Visa application.
  • A certificate of declaration ensures you have met the investment needs and demands.
  • A certificate that is proof of compliance with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority
  • You also need to submit a document that acts as proof of Portugal golden visa properties investment and commitment that you will maintain the investment for at least five years.

All your documents should be translated into Portuguese and certified by a Portuguese notary

6.Set Up Your Online Account

Before starting the actual application process, you should register yourself online by creating an account with the SEF website. If you really want to set up an online account then it is important to provide the basic information and other important details. If you have hired a lawyer, then he will complete the application process on your behalf.

Also, you can log into your online account on the SEF website. If you want to use the online portal, then you can easily complete the online application and upload the necessary docs on the website. While submitting the necessary documents, you also have to pay the processing fees along with proof of payment.

7.Appointment In Small District

The Golden Visa Portugal is rising in demand. Therefore, there are long queues in the bigger cities such as Faro, Lisbon, etc. We recommend you book an appointment in the small district. During the interview process, you have to meet the immigration person. The family persons who are applying for the same should be present during the time of the interview. During the interview process, the official needs to collect your biometric details.  


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