An Amazing Guideline to Custom Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

Have you ever encountered a person who doesn’t like his pillow? Everyone loves pillows. They make our sleep possible. Humans cannot imagine a world without pillows, right? Maybe, this is the reason why packaging companies have come up with a box that looks exactly like a pillow. The shape gives name to this product. Pillow boxes are unique items. So, they are a need of every manufacturer. Not just manufacturers, people need to pack things every now and then. They require something which can handle the weight of their items along with being pleasing visually. Custom Pillow Boxes serve this need very well.


Packaging companies are growing day by day. They have a tough competition between each other. If all the companies produced similar products then there will be no sense of such a sales competition. The competition arises when packaging companies start to customize their products. The company which can produced a personalized product for its customers is always the winner. The customers, on the other hand, are very lucky to have the boxes custom printed. It is a need of everyone to have a custom pillow box. There are thousands if not hundreds of customization options available for the pillow boxes.


Many people keep dry fruit in their pillow boxes. One option for a very good customization would be to make the front side of pillow box transparent so that the contents can be seen through the box. Moreover, this makes the pillow box look classy. There may be a see-through section made up of triangles, circles or hearts. These add to the overall beauty of the product. The opening is made by replacing the cardboard with a plastic which is transparent. It can also be tinted in any color depending upon the demands of the customers.


Ribbons look very good specially on the packaging products used to gift items to someone. Small pillow boxes are often used for this purpose and the ribbons add to the beauty of the packaging. So, some ribbons find their use in the visual aspects of the pillow boxes only. Stitching on one side makes the ribbon stick to the pillow box while other side is left hanging freely. This looks really great on a small sized pillow box. Other option would be to manually tie the ribbon on the Luxury Pillow Box. A know which looks like a flower also adds beauty while using ribbons. These pillow boxes are not very expensive. Their price is almost the same as boxes without ribbons. This makes them a viable option for gifting purposes.


There is a customization option for the pillow boxes which is very common but looks eye catchy. One of the most beautiful types of pillow boxes are those which are brown in color and have text which is black. Hence, this combination of black text on brown background gives a classy look to the pillow boxes. Some people prefer this type of customization over those which have multiple images and graphical items on the boxes.

Manufacturers who want the packing of their products to look simple adopt this customization options. Usually there are many texts and symbols on a manufacturer’s packing and this type of customization can make it a good option to represent those.


When we talk about pillow boxes, the usual printing come to the mind. This is not actually the case. The packaging companies can also develop stickers and place them on the pillow boxes. Let’s say that there is a manufacturer who makes two products A and B.

The size of pillow boxes is same for both the products. A very good packing of such items could be that the company orders plain pillow boxes along with the stickers for both the products. They can then pack the items A and B in same boxes with changed stickers saving them the hassle of ordering different boxes for both products. Stickers are usually cheaper to customize so this makes the packing more economical too. They also give a smooth touch to the pillow boxes. So, small and large stickers can be printed and pasted easily.


People are becoming innovative, even in a simple task like packaging. This innovation solves packaging problems of today.  There are companies who have developed a product which look great and has all the capabilities of a traditional box. This is the pillow box. Pillow boxes are very useful items. Moreover, custom pillow boxes are becoming common. The reason is that the manufacturers and the general buyers of the products tend to prefer the personalized items. This makes the customization of a Custom Pillow Boxes a challenging task for the packaging companies. They accomplish it using cutting edge printing technology in use today.

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