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DIY Hacks To Start Laying Down Wooden Grain Floors In Simple Steps

If you feel that laying down wooden grain floors on your own is possible, then you are not wrong. But this does not mean that the task is easy. It may require a lot of perfection. Your measurements have to be accurate. 

You may also need access to the right types of tools. You cannot lay down the wooden floors with bare hands. Each tile has to be cut precisely and then fixed to the wooden frame. As the job is not easy, people often hire the best wooden flooring in Wellington experts. The good thing about professional wooden flooring services is that they are result-oriented.  

So if you plan to get started with your DIY task, then you need to keep a few basics in mind. These are mentioned in the content below.

Basics to follow when laying down wood grain floor

  1. Select ideal grade tiles

The first most important point to keep in mind is to select the right grade floor tiles on the basis of quality and price. All types may not be suitable for your home. Selecting the right tiles may depend on many factors. First, you may have to consider your budget.

Once the budget of tiles is decided you have to focus on the size and finish factors as well. You can select engineered tiles or wooden grain hardwood types. 

  1. Acclimatize the tiles

Never make a mistake by laying down newly purchased wooden floors. You should allow the tiles to get adjusted to the climatic conditions indoors. So always purchase the tiles and leave them in the room for a few days. 

If the room is rich in moisture, then the wooden tiles will certainly absorb it. Wooden tiles may also absorb heat from their surroundings. So allow the tiles to get acclimated first.

  1. Think about the subfloor

You cannot lay down the tiles on the soil. You have to prepare the subfloor. If you have more than one floor in your house, then you also have to prepare a wooden frame. This is important so the tiles can rest on top of the subfloor.

When preparing the subfloor, always take accurate measurements. You may not want the tiles to fall in between the wooden frame when you step on it. You can also hire professional tiling services to help you prepare the subfloor.

  1. Never overlook the instructions

Any wooden floor tiles may have the manufacturer’s instructions printed. These instructions are important and you have to follow them. If you overlook the instructions, then the tiles may not fit perfectly on the wooden frame.

In some cases, you may have to sand the tiles before you can lay them down on the wooden frame. If you are unsure of the right process it is best to let the experts take care of this.

Always ensure that you have organized the right tools and equipment as well. Once the tiles have been placed, you will have to test the floor for flow direction as well. 

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