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Find And Get Phone Number Leads For Telemarketing

Phone Number Leads

Telemarketing is a great way to grow a business’s sales and revenue. Telemarketing is a simple and trending way to connect with customers through their phone numbers directly. Combining your telemarketing campaign with phone number lead generation tools can help your business achieve more in less time.

What Are Cell Phone Number Lead Generation Tools?

Phone number lead generation tools to search for phone numbers on different websites, online and offline resources for you. All you have to do is enter a few target keywords in the search bar of the software such as job title, person name, location, company website, etc. to find and get an active list of phone numbers.

So in short, a phone number finder tool is an online sourcing tool that can help you find somebody’s phone number for a targeted country and industry in minutes.

Some phone number data scraping tools collect individual phone numbers at a time. So you may have to enter the name of the person you are looking for. While some phone number crawler tools collect phone numbers of prospects in bulk i.e. they would search across the internet and collect 1000s of mobile numbers for your given keywords and locations. You can save hundreds of hours and effort in doing various different tasks by using these phone number data collection tools.

 The Best Phone Number Lead Generation Tools In 2022

Finding mobile numbers from the Internet for a targeted audience may be a challenging task for anyone, but luckily there are some best phone lead generation tools to help us out. Here is my comprehensive list of contact finder tools that I’ve been using that offer the best accurate results with the fastest speed at affordable rates, but most importantly most of the companies include a free (limited use) plan so you can try them before purchasing.

Let us now explore some phone number collector tools that you can use for prospect generation work:

  1. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Web Phone Number Scraper is an easy-to-use phone number grabber software that can be used by anyone even if he/she is a programmer or not. Cute Web WhatsApp Contact Extractor finds bulk phone numbers rather than finding individual mobile numbers because the priority here is to save you time and effort when you want to build a big prospect mobile number list. You can find phone numbers of prospects by keywords such as names of your prospects, zip codes such as country, city, or area codes, mobile company codes, and you can also put a list of website URLs to scrape for phone numbers.

Based on the targeting, the Phone Number Extractor hunts down tons of qualified and valid phone numbers of prospects ready for your use. Yes, you will get a ready-to-use cell phone number list in CSV, Excel, and Text formats for use. You can use it free for 3 days to find and extract phone numbers but can’t export data in the free version. You can enjoy the awesome services of Mobile Number Extractor software for one year for just $59.99.

For example, if you want to build a mobile number list of all the CEOs, business owners, students, teachers, freelancers, or actors in New York then this Cute web phone number finder tool would be the fastest and most cost-effective option for you. The Phone Number Scraper can build a phone number list for more than 195 countries from more than 66 search engines.

  1. Contact Finder Tool

Top Lead Contact Extractor is another fairly easy-to-use email and phone number scraper tool that allows you to search for emails and mobile numbers from 66 search engines for 195 countries without coding skills. You can enter the list of website URLs in the software. For example, if you enter the website URL ( then the contact finder tool would display all the email addresses and phone numbers that it could find associated with this URL. You can find customers’ contact details by name, zip code, and the mobile company also. In other words, the Top Lead Extractor is an ideal tool for those who need bulk data for email marketing and mobile marketing. Furthermore, It can scrape Skype Id and messenger Id from websites also. You can use this affordable data scraping tool for one year for just $79.99.

Last Words:

These contact-finding tools are really helpful to build a targeted customer phone number list worldwide. If you want to grow your business with targeted mobile marketing then these cell phone lead generation tools should be part of your mobile marketing campaign. Use them wisely and see your business and mobile marketing grow!

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