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How do you keep cheese fresh at home ?

Cheese needs proper storage, or it will get rotten within a few days. Preserving your cheese is not as difficult as it may seem. The first option is to keep it in a refrigerator or store in a cool, dry place. However, other ways to preserve your cheese properly are:


Even though cheese is supposed to be allowed to breathe, you don’t want it to become very dry. Wrap your cheese in waxed paper and store it in a cool, dry place. Also, you can wrap your cheese with kitchen foil so it can retain its moisture.

Store in water

You can also store your cheese in fresh water. Keep the cheese water, and don’t remove it from the original packaging. You need to change the water every couple of days to keep the cheese fresh. This option helps you preserve the cheese while it retains its moisture.

Don’t use plastic wrap

Unfortunately, many people use plastic wrap to store their cheese but end up suffocating it. Even when you wrap it with plastic in plastic and throw it in the refrigerator, it is not healthy. Plastic doesn’t allow it to breathe, and it may even get bad even when it is in the refrigerator.


Finally, cheese is a delicate food that needs to be stored properly, or it will get bad quickly. Storing cheese in a cool, dry place or wrapped and placed in clean water makes it last longer, especially cheese France.

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