How to Choose the Best Stand Builder for Your Next Exhibition Stand?

When you want to hire your exhibition partner amongst the best exhibition stand builders then you find out that there is ‘n’ number of trade show stand contractors out there. Also, most of the trade show stand contractors offer the same services which makes it a little more difficult to choose the one.

Although, only you can make a better decision as only you know what all services and qualities you want in your trade show stand contractor. But, to judge your selected contractors and select the one, there are some common points that you must know. To help you find your exhibiting partner from the plethora of exhibition stand builders we are mentioning a few points that you can consider.

  • Experience of the Company

This is one of the most crucial factors that you must consider. Know how much experience does the company hold which means for how many years the company is in the trade show booth building industry. More experience implies greater knowledge of the industry which means that the company will be able to make you understand the insights of the trade show industry and will help you with each and every aspect of participating in a trade show.

  • Turnkey Exhibition Services

Once you hire a trade show stand contractor you would definitely expect a smooth exhibiting appearance. For this, you must ensure that your selected contractor must provide turnkey exhibition services and you won’t have to run here and there to fulfill your different exhibition needs. The best exhibition stand builders will always offer end-to-end exhibition services to provide you with a hassle-free exhibition experience.

  • In-house Manufacturing Unit

It is important to know whether your selected trade show stand contractor has an in-house manufacturing unit or not. Most of the time companies give the contract of your trade show booth building to some third party. In this case, you won’t be able to keep an eye on the process of your booth building. Also, you won’t know about the quality of the work and your exhibition booth. To avoid this, you must ensure that your trade show stand contractor has an in-house manufacturing unit and a printing unit so that you can keep an eye on the process and be ensured of the quality of your booth and other services.

  • Know About Their Past Clients

Reviews are the best way to know about the kind of work any company does. So it is advisable to read the reviews provided by the past clients that hired the particular trade show stand contractor. Also, ask about the testimonials from the past clients from the contractor. You can also contact their past clients personally and know the kind of experience the company provided them. This will definitely help you to know about the kind of service your selected company provides to its clients.

  • Be Clear on The Cost

Some exhibition stand builders are not clear about the price of the packages they offer, stay away from such companies as they can loot you later by charging you extra than the selected package. This will not only ruin your budget for the trade show booth but will also ruin your experience. So ensure that the company has no hidden cost and their package are inclusive of all cost.


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