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Prepping up for a home inspection? Here’s what you need to do

You had listed your home in the market and now, it’s time for the dreaded home inspection. Granted that it’s part of the process but your home needs to be up to scratch or the buyer is bound to walk away. And that’s why you need to review the post as it can help provide pertinent information on how to prep for a home inspection and list out what you need to do. Just keep your anxiety at bay, relax and take a deep breath. You can do it, just follow the suggestions posted below, and good luck.

Attend to the small maintenance work

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of a reliable, contractor or two to attend to the small maintenance work, around your home. For starters, make a list of all the issues that need to be fixed right away, starting with your porch light. One of the first items that all home inspectors are bound to take a look at, is the front porch and the front door. Check to see if the door squeaks and if the light works or not. If not, you need to get these fixed right away. Remove all the clutter and prep the bedrooms, and if necessary, get new linen covers and bedsheets, so that they look pleasing to the eye. 

Get the cracks fixed

You may also want to check online for gib fixing in Auckland since you would need a reliable contractor to fix the holes and cracks in the walls asap. You need to get these sorted out since a gaping holes or cracks in the wall, the ceiling is bound to feature prominently in any home inspection report. And remember to assess the rest of your home and pay special attention to the basement, attic, and even the crawl spaces. 

Check the essentials

Get hold of an electrician to come over and take a look at the wiring inside your home. Additionally, you may also want him to check your HVAC systems, and other electrical switches, circuits to make sure that they all work, as they are supposed to. It is always a good idea to have an electrician over periodically to give your home the once over. That way, you can head off any major issues by attending to these right away. And while you are at it, you may also want to clear any excess clutter from the front foyer as well as the hallway, drawing-room, etc. This is to ensure that your home has a clean look to it, well before the inspector comes over.

Fix the leaks on the roof

Get hold of a reliable contractor to fix the leaks on the roof as well as to attend to the missing tiles. You need to get this sorted out, well before the home inspection. No one’s asking you to clamber onto the roof on your own but get hold of a professional to attend to it soon. Make sure that he fixes the roof as well as any residual cracks, loose tiles, and any loose vents as well. You can bet that the home inspector would insist on inspecting the roof, so make sure that it is perfect and free from any issues by the time he gets there.

Attend to the kitchen

Granted that your kitchen walls including the backsplash are bound to look a tad grimy, after a duration. Get the contractor to clean your kitchen, including removing the grease stains as well as any other from the walls including the backsplash area. Clear up the kitchen so that it appears clean, multifunctional, and just perfect.

These are a few suggestions that you need to review, to prep for the big day. Just get your home in order and all the issues fixed and sorted out, in time for the home inspector’s visit.

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