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Kasol Kheerganga Trek


Situated in the midst of the dumbfounding Parvati Valley in the Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh, Kheerganga is viewed as the traveler’s heaven. Your journey starts from Kasol, which is a curious town roosted at a stature of around 5000 ft. in the Himalayas. Found somewhere down in the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga is viewed as the ‘homestead of Lord Shiva.’ Known for entrancing high temp water springs and picturesque valley sees, the Kheerganga The harmony and magnificence can cause you to disregard the turmoil of city life immediately. While here, don’t pass up pigging out at the plenty of Israeli bistros where you can loosen up prior to leaving for the trip.

Apart from the alluring and staggering trekking trail there are numerous things that will take you to another planet. The mirthful aura of this small hamlet is something to be relish. The psychedelic parties, mesmerizing cafes, delectable cuisine and the beauteous nature are some things to be experienced in Kasol. So let’s take a brief view of the place. 

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Have you ever heard of Paradise? If not then this place is a small piece of paradise. This traditional village in Kasol is nestled up at 2400 meters, famed for its unique cannabis plantation. Tosh hosts thousands of tourists every year, the astounding landscape and bona fide culture of Himachal Pradesh makes it worth visiting. You can enjoy warming homestays with a graceful view of Himalayan hills from your window. 


It is one of the ancient villages located at a distance of 21 kilometers from Kasol. It is said that Malana Village holds the oldest democracy all over the world. You won’t be able to find any roads connected to the village. Here you can experience small trail trekking which can bring a challenge for you. If you want to witness authentic culture then this place should be there on your list. 


This is something that will mesmerize you from its beauty. A small village far away from the chaos of the world gives you a perfect view of clouds sitting on the pinnacle of hills. Descent homestay options are something you can savour here and get a chance to pick up a fishing rod on the bank of river Beas. 

Israeli Cuisine

If you are a real foodie and want to enjoy the authentic and exotic taste of flavourful Israeli cuisine. Kasol is known as ‘MIini Israel’ due to numerous Israeli settlers. So here you can try some mouth-watering dishes. Pita bread with Hummus and Lafa are must try dishes. So enjoy the part of Israeli culture and cuisine altogether in Kasol.

Moon Dance Cafe

Kasol is all about exploring the cafes and there are numerous cafes in the toy town, but Moon Dance Cafe is something that will serve you with appetizing  breakfast on the table with the combo of dramatic views of staggering mountains. If you are travelling with your friends and have nothing to do then this place is perfect for you to start a conversation. 

Rice Beer

If you are in Kasol and skip the chance to taste ‘Chang’ the local beer then your trip will be a complete waste. Chang beer is a rice beer which is prepared by the locals. The best part about the drink is a non-alcoholic beer with a refreshing taste and you can ask your hotel owner or local guy and they can get you a bottle to taste. Langri is another famous drink of Kasol. 

Parvati Shangri-La Festival

Want to enjoy some psychedelic vibe at Mini Israel of India, then plan your trip to Kasol during the year end. Parvati Shangri-La festival is all about trance mood. If you are a party animal then it will be a mind blowing experience for you. Your feets will start matching the beats played by the DJ’s. Here you will get to witness the blithe atmosphere around you. This party hosts many international artists as well and all you have to do is reify the mood.

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