Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

The kitchen has been one of the numerous important aspects of your restaurant. The kitchen is where all of the food preparation occurs and where you will spend the majority of your time. If you like to operate a successful restaurant, you ought to make sure that everything as well as your kitchen has been well-maintained and operating smoothly. This requires that you have a good selection of kitchen equipment available to you.

Every restaurant is different, but the basics are the same. The food has to be made, served and received promptly. The kitchen equipment suppliers Dubai you choose for your restaurant will help you meet these needs.

Here are the Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

  1. Restaurant Cooking Equipment

If you’re a restaurant owner, you must have all the equipment your customers need to enjoy their meals. So don’t just take our word for it—here’s what your restaurant needs:


The most common cooking equipment in any restaurant is the oven. You’ll want one that can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can accommodate a variety of sizes, including small dinner-sized ovens and large walk-in units.


You’ll also want to invest in a range if you plan on cooking large quantities of food at once. A professional range should have a large capacity, with enough space for several people to cook at once.

Deep Fryer

Deep fryers are essential for restaurants because they allow chefs to cook food quickly without using oil or other unhealthy ingredients like butter and eggs. Also, Deep fryers work best with foods like chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, and potato chips.


If you’re looking for an easy way to grill meats and vegetables without having them stick together during cooking time. Moreover then a grill is worth considering as part of your new kitchen equipment setup for your restaurant.

  1. Refrigeration and Storage Equipment


Smaller kitchens or those that have high turnover will benefit from smaller refrigerators. Also but for most restaurants, you’ll want at least one large refrigerator with multiple shelves (and maybe even an ice maker) that can keep your perishables fresh.


These are great for storing cooked foods and precooked meat products (such as bacon), which can help keep their flavour consistent between shifts. Also without having to use more space on the general menu.

Ice Machines 

Ice machines stand used to make small amounts of ice at once—for example. Furthermore when you need just enough ice for one customer’s drink so. They also help keep drinks cold longer because they don’t melt as quickly as regular ice cubes do.

Talk to your Cutlery suppliers in UAE about what cutlery needs you have, and make sure you have enough extras on hand if needed.

  1. Storage Equipment


You can get it in any length, width, or height depending on the space. Also, your restaurant has available to store food and beverages.

Bussing and utility carts 

This stand is used to transport food from the kitchen to other areas of the restaurant.

Sheet pan racks 

These help you keep all of your pans organized in a way that makes it easier for you to clean them when needed.

Food storage containers 

These are used to store food items like flour, sugar, etc., so they don’t go stale as quickly. Also, they were left out unsupervised in open-top boxes or bags.

Drying racks

These are used for drying dishes after washing them to prevent rusting which could ruin both your dishes and your customers’ appetites.

  1. Food Prep Equipment

Food prep equipment is a must-have for any restaurant. It’s what makes your food taste great and cook the way you want it to.

Food Processors

Food processors are the most basic piece of food prep equipment, but they’re still extremely useful for shredding cheese or making pesto.

A good food processor will also make nut jars of butter, dips and sauces, slice fruits and vegetables, grate cheese and more. You can even make pasta dough with it.

Prep Table

Prep tables are used by chefs to prep food before cooking in large batches. If you have one at home or in your kitchen, then you’ll be able to cook larger amounts of food faster without having to do everything by hand later on in the day.


Mixers are great for whipping cream into coffee or making the dough by hand. Also useful when making soups or other sauces that require blending ingredients in a blender instead of using a handheld mixer (which doesn’t work as well).

  1. Small wares

In any kitchen, the quality of your small wares will make or break your success. If you’re not happy with the cutting boards, knives, and other small wares in your restaurant, then it’s time to think about getting a new set—and that’s not even considering the pans and pots.

Chef Knives

Chef knives are essential for any chef. They are used for everything from preparing food to cutting it into pieces. A good chef knife will feel comfortable in your hand and cut through whatever you throw at it. You should always buy a chef knife that has a sharp blade and sturdy handle so that it doesn’t break easily when dropped or mishandled during use.

Cutting Boards

The cutting board is another important part of any kitchen—and it needs to stand made out of high-quality material if you. Also, want your customers to trust their food! You don’t want your customers worrying. Moreover about whether or not their food is safe because they think their cutting board is too thin or flimsy. Make sure that whatever cutting board you choose is made from food-safe material such as wood or plastic so that nothing bad can happen while using it.

Glassware is essential for any restaurant that serves food – not only does it look great on display. You’ll need glasses both for serving food and for drinks; talk to your Glass suppliers in Dubai about the types of glassware you need in your restaurant.

  1. Janitorial Equipment

A restaurant’s kitchen is its heart, and cleanliness is the key to keeping it healthy. The right equipment can help you keep your kitchen clean, organized, and well-stocked with the right ingredients.

Janitorial Supplies

You’ll need some cleaning supplies like mops and brooms for when things get dirty. You should also have some paper towels on hand for when spills happen or sticky messes need to stand cleaned up.

Utensils & Dishware

You’ll need a variety of utensils for all kinds of food preparation tasks—from chopping vegetables to cooking meatballs or preparing pasta! You’ll also need spoons and forks for serving meals and snacks from prep tables or bar areas.

Your Crockery supplier in UAE can help with choosing which type of crockery you need for your restaurant. They will be able to advise on size requirements so that they fit well within the space available in your kitchen area.

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