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List of the top museum in Dubai – If you are a history buff!

Dubai has deep roots in the culture and history, and it can be a witness from several top museums in the emirate. If you are someone who appraises the heritage and wants to explore it, there is no other better place than Dubai’s museums.

List of the top museums in Dubai!

Etihad Museum

Near to the Jumeirah in the upmarket, the luxurious landscape museum is the insignia of how technology and historical events can be combined beautifully. In past years, the museum has displayed many exhibitions for the people.

In the museum, you can glance at the cultural revolution of the rulers, video rolls of the founder of Dubai with the speech, and mesmerizing photographs of the historical events and personalities. Moreover, how Dubai went through enormous development is also displayed in the Etihad Museum.

One part of the museum that grabs the attention is the circular meeting where, in 1971, the federal constitution was signed. The museums offer a discount on tickets for teenagers and students.

Naif Museum

Inside the old fort of Dubai, named Deira, it was the very first office for police. This Naif Museum offers a glimpse of the old Dubai. The museum was built in 1939, and it has conserved the old police uniforms and weapons.

The whole concept of the museum is dedicated to the life of a police officer. You can view the original photos of the award-winning police and stories. You do not have to pay to enter the museum.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is the core place in the emirate that documents almost 3000 years of Dubai. It is the place where you can glimpse the revolution of Dubai for thousand of years. It is located in the oldest building in the emirate at Al Fahidi Fort.

You can view the old wooden sailing boat known as Dhow, and they have on display the historical weapon used in the war before centuries. Dubai museum is one of the most visited places, and people often come here to cherish some golden moments of the past.

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Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum

It is of the renowned historical sites in Dubai and was founded by the ruler of Dubai. The museum is full of iron, other metal utensils, animal bones, and crafted jewelry that is enough to grab attention. You can divide the whole museum into several components.

Some corners of the museum narrate the story of Dubai, Creek, and the remaining documents the first bank, perfume-making process, and other overwhelming Emirati culture.

Pearl Museum

Want to view the precious pearls? It is possible in Dubai. The Pearl Museum is one of the top museums of the emirate that documents the glimpse of the pearling industry from the centuries. Sultan Al Owais donated these precious pearls to the museum. The entry is free, and you may have to go through a tight security check.

Coins Museum

As the name suggests, the whole museum focuses on the conservation of the coins used in different periods of Dubai.

The museum consists of eight rooms and more than 470 rare coins from the era of British, ancient Egypt, and other rural Dubai. When you visit this Coin Museum, you will be able to witness the financial revocation is of the city. Entry is absolutely free.

The Cinema Museum

Don’t be surprised! It does exist in Dubai. The Cinema Museum is the rare museum on the earth related to the cinema. The whole museum is devoted to the soft art of cinema making from the early centuries. It is the personal collection of Akram Miknas, where you can view the machines, cameras, and the rolls used in different periods.

Coffee Museum

If you are in Dubai, you can not ignore the Cofee museum from your bucket list. It is said that Arabians were the first who used coffee for drinking and were later introduced to the rest of the world. The word coffee is originated from the Arabian term Kava. The Coffee Museum shows the pure connection between Arabian and coffee.

Final Verdict

Every place depicts its history and exploring that place means correlating yourself with the past and present. The emirate is one of the places where opulence embellishes history. And Dubai’s museums are one. If you are a history buff, there is a lot more for you in Dubai.


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