Popular Types of Seating Arrangements for Events

An event becomes successful only when each of its elements synchronizes with the other in harmony. So it’s necessary to ensure that every event planning detail is well thought about and executed with perfection. Lighting, sound, food, seat arrangement, stage design, entertainment, etc, are among the many aspects that need to be importantly considered during event planning. One of the most important aspects of event planning is the seating arrangement. It is responsible for defining the mood and setting of the event.

We all see different seating styles in our daily life, isn’t it?. The layout of seating in a theatre is completely different from that of a classroom, right?. According to the placement location and its intended purpose, different seat arrangements are employed everywhere. Similarly, for event planning too various seating systems are used according to the event type and the location.

In this article, let’s get to know more about the different seating styles that are used for event planning. Given below are some of the must-know types of seating arrangements.


Banquet type seating is one of the popular types of event seating arrangement. In this seating style, the guests will be seated around a round table. Seating in gala dinners, weddings, award nights, and informal events are common examples.


Similar to the banquet style of seating, the cabaret-style seating is a very popular seating arrangement done for seminars, training, workshops, events with presentations, etc. Cabaret seating differs from banquet type only in the fact the chairs do not encircle the table completely.


The theatre style of seating is a popular arrangement in most events. With chairs arranged in a row, one after the other, theatre-type seating is perfect for events like product launches, performances, etc. Theatre style seating is capable of utilizing the maximum area in a room to include the maximum capacity of people.


Also known as cafeteria-style arrangement, the long seating arrangement consists of several rows of chairs aligned together. The guests are able to sit together and interact face to face in such a type of seating that can make the event more memorable. Family type of seating is a popular choice for dinner parties and wedding receptions.


In a cocktail seating arrangement, there will be only tables and chairs.  The cocktail arrangement are best for standing-related activities. The seating style is a popular choice in weddings, cocktail parties, Christmas parties, and other types of social events.

Stand-up Reception 

A more aesthetically oriented style, stand-up reception seating consists of high tables which will be covered with floor-length ties scattered around the venue.  Stand-up reception types are mostly employed for cocktail parties, dance parties, etc.


The chairs and tables are aligned in a straight line similar to a classroom. This type of seating arrangement is in seminars, lectures, and meetings where the use of a laptop or taking/writing notes becomes necessary. 


This type of seating arrangement is similar to that of the classroom type of seating arrangement but comes with a slight difference. In this style, the tables and chairs angled inwards rather than arranging it in straight rows. The seating is ideal for conferences, lectures, training, etc.

U shaped 

All audiences face inwards and there is an open-ended configuration like the letter U. The advantage of this arrangement is that the audiences can interact with each other well. It widely opted for conferences, meetings, training, etc.

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This type of seating is similar to U shaped style. The audience faces inwards, facing the focal point of the event in horseshoe type of event seating. Mainly used in team briefings and discussions, this type of seating becomes advantageous to the speaker as he/ she can address and approach each individual personally.


Boardroom type of event seating is a lighter version of U-shaped style of seating and horse square type of seating. In the boardroom seating type, all members face inwards with an elongated table between them. Boardroom style seating is ideal for team briefings, one on one interviews, presentations, etc.


Amphitheatre type of seating arrangement is the best arrangement for audiences to have the best view of a function. Looking from the outside, this type of arrangement is aesthetically very pleasing. The seating in theatres, stadiums, weddings, etc is a great application of these seating styles.

The best and the right kind of seating arrangement can create wonders in the look and feel of your event. Get the best expert advice and seating supplies from the leading Seating system supplier if you are planning for something big.

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