Solar technology is evolving and when it comes to attaching the solar modules to metal roofs, the use of conventional rail is commonly seen. But remember, the solar rail-less metal rooftop mounting structures are the future of this technology. The Rail-less rooftop systems have shown new ways to solar technology.

Growing technology is unstoppable and innovation has opened new and vast doors and developed rail-less solutions, especially for metal roofs in solar energy. Using distinct hardware to secure and reinforce each module directly on the metal roof has proved that the use of rails is no longer necessary.

Minimize Material Costs and Lighten Roof Loads:

Rail-less products do not put much weight on the building structure as they are much lighter in weight than rail systems. This is possible because, due to a properly engineered and appropriate design, the weight of the rail-less components is estimated to be about 85% less than most rail systems. And not only does this put less weight on your roof but it also saves you a lot of money.

Logistics Nightmares Bypass:

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the common hassle of logistical headaches and traditional rail systems are using for solar energy? So do not worry the rail-less system has come up with the best solution for you. This system will easily save you a considerable amount of money that you spend on storage, transportation, and shipping of railing systems.

You may be wondering how this is possible so let me tell you that weight loss reduces the cost of shifting and transportation of rail-less systems. Storage costs will also be lower because the large volume of the rail system requires more space than the rail-less system.

Easy Installation Process:

The traditional rail system has 70 percent more components than the new amazing rail-less system, moreover, the system without rails makes it much easier and quicker to get all the components to the roof. Not only is shifting the rail system easy but the installation process is also very simple and a person with a little bit of technical knowledge can do the installation by looking at the manual.

And that way you don’t have to spend money calling an expert. Yes, of course, it is good to call an expert in case you don’t understand the installation at all, otherwise, you will ruin everything.

The easy installation process also saves you valuable time and will get you off the roof quickly. The design of the rail-less system is such that it saves up to ninety seconds to install it compared to a rail system on each module. If you calculate all the time, you can save an estimated 35% of the time.

Final Words:

By installing solar rail-less metal rooftop mounting structures you can save your investment and time. And the saved time you can spend on other daily routine tasks. Overall each side is good as firstly you save the money that you have to spend on transportation, shipping, and storage of rail systems. Secondly, you save installation-related time, because the rail-less structure is very easy to install. Even a person having a little technical knowledge can install it easily and securely by reading related manuals that come with the rail-less mounting structures.

Moreover, the rail-less mounting systems are very light in weight so there will be not any heavy load on your roof because of the installation of these structures. I am hopeful that I have shared all essential information regarding rail-less structures.


Good Luck.

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