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Details Of Professional Rug Cleaning That You Probably Didn’t Know!

You have a dirty rug; you call a company to clean it professionally! For you, it is as simple as this! But, wait! Don’t you want to know the details about this step? Can you leave your rug worth thousands of dollars in the hands of a company just like that? And who knows, this cleaning may or may not be beneficial to your carpets! (God forbid, what if they damage your rugs?!)

These details are necessary to verify when hiring a professional rug cleaner! 

No, you got us wrong! We are definitely not against professional cleaners. We think you should hire them for a task like a rug cleaning. However, inquiring in detail about some critical matters is necessary. Like, firstly, you start with researching the company. From their experience to expertise, certificates, verification, and so on. This information you’ll get ready. But here we are revealing some essential matters that not all rug cleaners tell you, but are the truth!

  • A good rug cleaning company never provides a quote without studying the task –You come across many television and print ads about the rug cleaning companies in your city. But remember, these are not all through which you can judge any company and their services. Many will provide you with a quote tentatively on call without even asking about the task (or surveying the home!). For standard jobs like monthly routine rug cleaning, it is ok! However, good rug cleaners in  Brisbane like Absolute Carpet Care always ensure that you get charged only for the job that happens in your house and nothing extra than that. They and such good companies survey the rugs properly and provide you with the quote according to the job it requires. Some dirtiest carpets need extensive and machine cleaning, while others may do with a deep vacuuming section.
  • Vacuuming a rug through professionals never happens quickly – No matter what a company promises you, remember that thorough rug cleaning requires around 2-3 hours of cleaning plus the drying time. Vacuuming a rug that was not treated is like scrubbing a mud-caked layer. Quality businesses employ specialized machinery that provides a powerful and efficient system. Vacuums, wands, and hoses explicitly designed for the job are used. The rug cleaners patch-test the carpet beforehand to guarantee that cleaning solutions will not harm them. They spray hot water with a cleaning solution. To loosen dirt and work with the solution, it is ‘raked.’ The rug is submerged in hot water before extracting the dirt using vacuums. And after this process, the drying time is totally dependent upon the weather outside or the machines these companies possess. Now tell us, how can they finish such a difficult task in a jiffy?
  • Deep cleaning takes 4-5 days –This might be shocking news to you! But yes, if you deep clean the rugs via the best professionals, it takes no less than four to five days. These rugs can be very vulnerable as many fibers like rayon, sisal, cotton, wool, etc., are pretty delicate. These companies have to take these with them to treat them. The professionals who claim to clean it on your property are like washing your clothes while having them on! These rugs are vacuumed deeply, and the dirtiest spots get cleaned first. They are then soaked in hot water for a day or two before the most suitable detergent is used to clean them thoroughly. It is finally treated with compressed air and kept to dry completely.

We understand many of these facts are totally new to you, and maybe your rug cleaners never talked about them. However, as you can see, these procedures are essential for a thorough carpet cleaning. Remember to ask your rug cleaning company about all such minute details before handing over your precious possession to them. 

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