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Spring Clean Up Tips for Your Kitchen

How to clean up your kitchen step by step guide

Spring is the time for fresh beginnings and new ideas. A freshly-scleaned kitchen is a great opportunity to welcome the spring season. Cleaning up your kitchen during spring usually requires more thorough cleaning than the regular scrub down. Take these tips to spring tidy and organize your home this week.

In this article, I will show you Spring Clean Up Tips for Your Kitchen so keep reading.

Do A Quick Clean of Your Kitchen First

Spring cleaning your kitchen requires an area for you to organize the items, such as the countertops and floors. Make a few dishes, remove garbage from the counters and clean your counters and clean your floors.

Organize Your Drawer

Kitchen drawers are prone to attracting dust, spilled liquids on the counters as well as odd-looking items that you don’t know where to store it. Take each drawer out onto your countertop, then vacuum off any crumbs, and clean the drawer organizers. Once all your belongings are set out on your counters Reorganize your drawers according to the type: junk drawer silverware, large utensils and tools, etc. Set items back on the counter and wipe down knobs and drawer fronts.

Empty Your Cupboards

Over time, cabinets can accumulate items you don’t use or need (or that aren’t compatible with Tupperware). There’s no better time than spring to review the things you actually use , and the ones that you do not. Start by cleaning out your lower cabinets and laying items on countertops or on the floor. Find a container for things that are able to be given away, an bin for things that may be put in storage to be stored during this time of year and a trash bin for any items that have to be taken away. Take a look through your possessions and sort them according to the need. Before putting them back your items, make sure you wipe your cabinet shelves, change any stained shelf lining, and clean knobs and cabinet fronts with some mild soap. You can also clean your the glass doors. Also, do the same thing with the upper cabinets.

Clean Out Your Pantry

A pantry is a great place to store ingredients, equipment, and kitchen tools. Get rid of all the items to dispose of non-food items or food that is no longer usable and give away any opened food items you don’t need anymore. Make space for more and keep the pantry items fresher longer by transferring the items into containers or jars and combining them with containers that have been used. Clean the shelves using the help of a damp sponge and soapy water. put things back in order and clean shelves. Clean the doorknob and door.

Tackle Those Countertops

Once your cabinets and pantry are well-organized and tidy, it’s time to get to the countertops. Begin with the utensil container by clearing, cleaning the jar, sorting it, and then replacing tools. Moving on to smaller appliances like emptying out the crumb tray of your toaster and running your coffee maker in the dishwasher or cleaning your microwave. Clean your kitchen appliances, knives block, and wash your bowl of fruit. Finally, clean your countertops and backsplash.

Clean Out Your Major Appliances

It’s time to wash the large appliances. Examine the bottom of your dishwasher’s drain to clear any food as well as other obstructions. Clean your cooktop and scrub the knobs as well as burner pans. Use a steam clean or clean cycle through your oven and clean any food items that are a bit too much. Wipe the outside of your fridge clean and then take your food items off the shelves and wipe them down and dispose of any leftover or expired food items inside the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

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