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Stainless Steel Shaker Uses Benefits You Should Know


Many people have started paying attention to their health. As a result, they are indulging in proper workout classes for a better life. These individuals are very concerned with their gym routine and never leave their protein shakes behind while getting ready for the gym. A Stainless-Steel Shaker can be your perfect fitness companion in this regard.

Athletes often feel thirsty during their workouts and nothing is more satisfying than a chilled delicious protein shake. If you are an athlete who uses an ordinary water container mixing supplements this article is for you. Whether your aim is to drop extra body weight or add some more you must only use a shaker bottle to enjoy your favorite protein shake before/after the workout.

We are aware that you need a solid reason to dump your water bottles for gym workouts. We will explain all the reasons and benefits of using a shaker for perfect mixing protein rather than an ordinary plastic water carrier.

Safe Consumption of Drinks:

New exercisers often lack proper knowledge about fitness and other products. They often prefer buying a cheap water bottle instead of a shaker cup. However, they don’t know plastic contains a non-health-friendly compound known as BPA. 

As per the health experts, BPA Availability can make your protein drink utterly unsafe to drink rather than making it healthy for your workout sessions. Moreover, BPA can cause serious diseases such as infertility and cancer.

Therefore, a cost-effective alternative to these water bottles is a shaker bottle which is constructed through environmentally friendly material. So far you have known the drawbacks of using a plastic bottle for your gym routine. We will also educate you about the benefits of using a stainless-steel shaker bottle.

When you are using a shaker bottle your protein drink will remain fresh for hours. Which can help in speedy muscle growth and improves your overall athletic performance. Additionally, a pure shake can boost your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories and attain a leaner look.

Mixing Mechanism:

It is good that you are worried about your own health and attending proper exercise.  Whereas, proper training is just an aspect of your overall fitness journey. You must ensure your body is getting enough protein to survive these intensive workout sessions. Which asks you to have a protein shake before/after the exercise to fuel your muscles. 

Therefore, you have to ensure that supplements are mixed properly with water to get a healthy pure protein shake. When you start mixing water with powder in a plastic water bottle you will see there are leftovers of the powder. That will make your drink clumsier and more unsafe for your health.

A shaker bottle comes with a dedicated mixing ball inside. When you start mixing supplements the ball moves around to ensure that every particle of powder is mixed in water. As a result, you get a pure and delicious protein shake that goes down into the body and repairs damaged muscles. Drinking a shake with powder leftovers can mess up your stomach, causing digestive issues like gas and bloating.

Preserves Drinks Edibility:

Once you have started hitting the gym you need a shaker bottle for mixing supplements with water. Newcomers often don’t like the taste of whey protein in the beginning of their fitness journey. However, it is very crucial for your exercise routine as whey offers speedy muscle recovery from intensive workout sessions.

Another important thing here is there is no need to get accustomed to this unusual taste because of the plastic reaction. Plastic has been shown to react with certain ingredients making the taste of your drinks very odd.

On the other hand, a shaker bottle comes with double wall insulation to ensure that your drinks will remain fresh for hours. Whether it is a hot chocolate or a chilled beverage you will enjoy a healthy yummy drink even after hours of your exercise. Although you have to pay a couple of more bugs for buying a shaker bottle than a plastic water carrier. Whereas, in the long term you will see the benefits of a shaker cup will overweigh the price. 

Stainless Steel Shaker

Eliminates Protein Powders Smell:

There are a wide range of reasons one should use a stainless-steel shaker rather than a plastic water bottle.  A healthy shake requires a perfect mixing protein which you can also do in an ordinary water container. However, plastic material is also infamous for absorbing the smell of ingredients.

So, when an athlete makes regular use of plastic water bottles for mixing supplements and storing energy drinks.  The plastic will absorb all the smell of your whey protein powder and emit it even when your bottle is empty.

However, a quality shaker bottle is far away from such problems. It will not absorb any smell of your drink allowing you to enjoy a fresh shake every time. Once you have washed your bottle the smell will have vanished and it will come out like a new one every time. Whether you have used it for preserving coffee or hot chocolate you will not find any smell after giving it a good wash.

Environment friendly:

If you have started hitting the gym it means you are very conscious about your health. Moreover, you might be worried about the health of your planet as well. After the alarming weather changes, increasing landfills and global warming, there are possible threats to marine life. Here the main reason is because of unwanted waste of plastic into the waters. 

Which requires you to switch toward the most environment-friendly solutions. You can take an initiative in this regard by discarding shakers, bottles, and food containers made of plastic; select stainless steel while buying all such products for food or beverages to protect the planet and its health.

Prevents Drink Spillage:

An exerciser needs to consume his protein shake after his workout to get instant recovery. This means you have to prepare your drink and carry it with you to the fitness club.  While using a plastic water bottle you might experience the spillage of drink over your car etc. These water containers don’t have enough sustainability to keep your drink within the bottle.

While a stainless-steel shaker which is also a bioX nutrition product comes with an airtight lid seal ensuring your beverage will remain inside the bottle while you are on the trip. Whether you are tossing your bottle or keeping it inside the bag there will be no spillage of your whey protein shake on your bag or clothes. 

Ending Notes:

Being conscious about your health is a great approach. Here you have to look after what products you are using as a result. A proper workout will offer optimal health when combined with a fresh protein shake. Whereas, plastic water bottles are not capable enough of that. You may need a shaker bottle to offer your body a healthy protein drink after the workout.

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