Tata Signa 4225.T Detailed Specifications and its Price Range

Tata Signa 4225 Price And Detailed Specifications

Manufactured by Tata Motors, the Tata Signa 4225.T is a high-yielding commercial vehicle built with cutting-edge technical solutions. This truck belongs to the HCV category, ideal for transporting heavy cargo materials to far distances. 


Let us look into some of the features that make this truck so reliable in the Indian commercial vehicle market: 


  • Engine Performance 

With the Tata Signa 4225.T, you get a powerful engine that will promote a stronger stride ahead. The truck is equipped with a Cummins ISBe 6.7L CRDI TCIC engine. With this robust engine, you get 72 HP and 85 Nm of torque. 

  • Mileage 

With the Tata Signa 4225.T, you can save more, as the mileage is significantly higher, 4 kmpl, which lets you go an extra mile. This truck is also equipped with a Manual Synchromesh transmission tuned to a G950 6 Forward + 1 Reverse gearbox, ensuring greater profits and savings. 


  • Higher Stability

The Tata Signa 4225.T has a wheelbase of 6800 MM that ensures better stability when carrying maximum loads. 


  • Smoother Drive Experience

Tata Signa 4225.T provides the smoothest driving experience with the easiest handling ensuring no load feels too heavy. The truck features a smooth car-like gear shift and a bigger, lighter steering wheel, ensuring better control and comfort. The sturdy and powerful Elliot Type axles also make for a better load-bearing capacity.


  • Tata Signa 4225.T Price

The Tata Signa 4225.T is no doubt a top-of-a-line HCV truck in the entire commercial vehicle segment. The Tata Signa 4225.T price starts from Rs 5.60 Lakhs to 6.05 Lakhs in the Indian market.


With this blog, we hope to have provided you with all the necessary information regarding the Tata Signa 4225.T price and other features that set it apart from its competitors.

Are you looking for a powerful trailer truck to transport just about anything? Manufactured by the Tata House, the Tata Signa 4225 could perfectly match your requirements. However, first, let us look at some of Tata Signa 4225 specifications:


Tata Signa 4225 Engine Performance

Tata Signa 4225 is , which is also compliant with the BS VI emission norms, which makes this truck fuel-efficient, powerful and environmentally friendly manufactured with a 6700 CC, Cummins ISBe 6.7L CRDI TCIC engine. The engine generates 249.43 HP power and 950 torque, enough for it to perform all applications.

Tata Signa 4225 Drive Experience

Tata Signa 4225 is equipped with a power tuned to a G950 (6 Forward + 1) Reverse gearbox. steering system with a synchromesh transmission system perfectly  Additionally, the Tata Signa 4225 truck has a 395 mm Dia Push type Single Plate Dry Friction with an Organic Lining braking system. All of these work together, so when you are carrying a heavy load, you still be able to drive smoothly and fatigue-free.

Tata Signa 4225 Other Features

Let us quickly glance at the other features of the truck below:

  • This truck has a total GVW of 42,000 kg and a wheelbase of 6800 MM. 
  • The Fuel Type/Capacity of the Tata Signa 4225 Diesel/365 Litres. 
  • The tyres that come with the truck have low rolling resistance, which increases fuel economy and tyre mileage significantly.

Tata Signa 4225 Price Range

Tata Signa 4225 price range is quite impressive given all the top-of-the-notch technological features it has been equipped with. In the Indian market, Tata Signa 4225 price range falls between Rs 36.84 – 40.84 Lakh.

We hope to have helped you make a much more informed decision by giving you knowledge of every feature the Tata Signa 4225T has.

The TATA LPT 4225 Cowl & SIGNA 4225.T raises customer business profitability to a new benchmark through its new unique customer proposition of POWER OF 6.

USP of the Tata Signa 4225 Truck

The Tata Signa 4225 Truck is an ideal option for customers in the largest segment of multi-axle trucks for it is powered by a Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI TCIC 429.43 HP engine with a world-class BOSCH fuel injection system and innovative performance enablers like 3 Mode Fuel Economy Switch coupled with Gear Shift Advisor for better drive coaching. 

The truck generates 950 Nm of torque which is enough for many applications like the transportation of raw materials, coals and other heavy-duty cargos. In addition, it has a manual transmission system and a power steering system that helps the driver drive fatigue-free for a long time.

Price of Tata Signa 4225 Truck

The ex-showroom price range of ₹ 36.84 – 40.84 Lakh. Of Tata Signa 4225 Truck in the Indian market.

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