The historical place of the Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the ancient places on earth and the ancient religion fire.

Azerbaijan is one of the ancient places on earth. Azerbaijan is the home of the ancient religion fire, the meaning of Azerbaijan is place of fire. The religious leader’s name was Azer, by his name the whole place is famous in Azerbaijan. When you are seeking the Azerbaijan visa, this information can be precious for you, to know the historical places of Azerbaijan. There are many historical places in Azerbaijan as the old religious capital of the religion of fire was that place. You can see a lot of historical places of that era in the area,most of the places are in good shape and can be great for you to visit.

In this article, we are discussing the various historical places of the Azerbaijan, if you’re interested in visiting the beautiful places you can check the Azerbaijan visa requirements:


The Baki fortress:  

The Azerbaijan evisa can also be applied for the capital Baku, it is the ancient walled city, the Shirvani dynasty built that fortress. Baku, appraised as the capital of  the Shirvani dynasty in 1191, the fortress city also includes a great palace. Much of the fortress city walls were destroyed during the attack of the Ottomans in 1585 and by the Russians in 1723. The Baku fortress walls can still be seen in the widespread areas.


The Maiden tower of Baku:

 The maiden tower of Baku is a great place to visit, if you are getting the Azerbaijan visas and not visiting the Maiden tower, you then have missed a lot. It was built around the 6th century. The height of the maiden tower is amazing, it was once a firing place for the people worshiped by fire. Today the maiden tower is a UNESCO world’s Heritage site, and it is open to visitors. Travel to Azerbaijan and visit such historical places, the  visa requirement for Azerbaijan are quite simple.


Shirvanshah’s Palace: 

The palace of the Shirvanshah is a 15th-century palace and was a part of the old Azerbaijan city, Baku. The palace had great religious and Royal significance during the time. Azerbaijan visa can be gathered for Baku, which is comparatively easy to get and visit historical places in old Baku. It is the main site for the Baku, the places include the Royal palace,  mosque, mausoleum, and the tomb of the Seyyid Yehya Bakuvi. It is also the UNESCO world’s heritage site.


The Palace of Sheki Khans:

When you want to travel Azerbaijan you need to have Azerbaijan visa. If you visit Azerbaijan and do not visit the  Palace of Sheki Khans, you are missing the Iranian piece of art. The place was built in 1797 by Muhammad Hassan Khan. The Persian dynasties remained in Azerbaijan until they were annexed by the Russian Empire in 1813. It is a two-story building and along with great work of wood, the hipped roof, and long eaves.  The mosaic-colored glass was fitted in the wooden latticework and assembled without glue or any nails. You would be amazed to see the work and the craftiness of those people. The palace is lavish blue-colored glass and woodwork, which can be mesmerizing for you.

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