Time of the year when jewellers of Hatton garden make more sales

Jewellery is a commodity that is sold all round the year. However, there are certain occasions that witness more Jewellery sales than other occasions. You may buy jewellery during certain times of the year such as a birthdays or an anniversaries. But there are certain seasons where more people tend to buy jewellery specially engagement rings at the same time. This is the time when the jewellers all across the world including London witness an increase in their sales. During this time, you are more likely to get attractive discounts because of the huge number of sales. This is also the time when the Jewellers make maximum profits. Let’s have a look at the seasons which bring with them increased jewellery sales.

Seasons Increase Engagement Rings in Hatton garden

Jewellery is a very popular gift item which can be given to both men and women and the season where people buy gifts for each other is the Christmas season. Christmas is a time when the jewellery stores all across the world see an increase in their sales. It is during this holiday season that you are most likely the jewellery stores flooded with people buying gifts for their loved ones. This is also the time where you will find the maximum variety of jewellery designs. Which you can pick from. Be it a simple earring or heavy set of diamond jewellery with intricate work. All types of jewellery are sold during this peak season when people buy gifts for each other.

Engagement Rings Hatton Garden

Each year November to February happens to be the season of festivities and hence a lot of people find it suitable to propose their partners for marriage. Therefore, apart from the normal Christmas gifts a lot of engagement rings Hatton garden are sold during this time of the year. The sales reach peak during December in most countries, however in certain countries like India the jewellery sales reach peak in October and November. This is because Jewellery is thought to be auspicious during the festival season in India where the major festivals fall during the months of October and November.

engagement rings

In some cases, such as engagements or anniversaries, it is necessary to spend extra money on diamonds. But there is no evidence of the excavation of precious stones. In fact, more and more brides are choosing not only handmade diamonds, but also stunning colored diamonds. Gone are the days when a simple and elegant cut of white diamonds cut into a simple band was used. Not only do brides choose brilliantly colored red diamonds, blue diamonds, cognac diamonds, yellow and green diamonds – they also highlight this simple band with other stones and more sophisticated settings that more clearly define their style.

Bridal Engagement Rings

Everyone wants to feel special. Most bridal engagement rings are chosen by hand. What better way than to make your bride feel special and let her choose the diamond of her dreams – but what better way to be a part of it? An unusual way to make the most unique colored diamond engagement rings is to use a pinch of the bride’s and groom’s hair. In 70 days or less, a happy couple can find a diamond that will always have the essence of their love. What could be more romantic than being together forever in a diamond?

Sales increase in Valentine’s Day

Another season where the jewellers all across the world witness an increase in sale is during February. This happens because of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated everywhere in the world. Valentine’s Day is a day when you profess your love to your special someone and the best way to do. It is to gift your special someone a piece of jewellery bought from the best hatton garden jewellers. Diamond eternity rings, which signify eternal and unending love, is the jewellery item that is sold in large number during this season. Apart from this, other diamond jewellery items such as pendant necklaces and earrings are also sold in huge quantities.

The time starting from November to February next year is a good time to buy jewellery. Since the jewellery stores will be having maximum discounts to attract more customers. Therefore, if you’re planning to invest in jewellery, make sure to shop at this time and buy from trusted jewllers.

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