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What skills do developers have in a react native app development company?

What skills do developers have in a react native app development company

There are multiple frameworks that are used to develop a mobile app. For example, the Ionic framework, flutter android framework, and many more. Offering such services requires key skills & responsibilities. In this article, we are going to discuss what roles a react native app development company performs to develop a top performing react native mobile app.

Let’s understand first about react native.

This cross-platform app development framework is created by Facebook. It is the fastest growing open source platform having more than 68,000 stars on Github.

What does a react native app developer do?

Here are some details about the skills of top company’s react native app developer:

They have strong knowledge in front-end development and have expertise in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS to develop the best UI elements. Since they are specialized in the front end of the app, they also possess knowledge of API services for integration.

Responsibilities of a react native app development company


  • They have a dedicated team of developers, designers, quality analysts along with managers. A team of such professionals develops a strong platform (app) that attracts your audience.
  • Also, they use prototypes & wireframes in the app development process. It is like a blueprint that shows what an app would look like.
  • They eliminate performance bottlenecks to improve front-end performance.
  • They work with native modules whenever required. Additionally, you could want an app that functions both in android & iOS. Thus, they use native apps for tight integrations.
  • A professional mobile app development company uses React ecosystem to design the UI components for web & mobile apps that are written in JavaScript.
  • A professional react native app development company writes automated tests so that error-free codes & better performance can be done.
  • It is essential for a company to complete the task within the standard & budget. Hence, they coordinate with the team effectively. Performing such responsibilities effectively improves productivity.

Skills of react native app developers to check out!

When a company gives a satisfactory result to its clients, they often contact the same company for future deals. Moreover, the best react native app development services involve the following points.

Skilled developers have the following characteristics.

  • Hands-on experience in JavaScript, CSS, & other programming languages.
  • They must aim at performance optimization by creating clean & efficient codes.
  • Since the major task is app development. Thus, react native app development company develops, testify, fixes bugs, etc. to improve the app.
  • Additionally, developers also analyze business requirements and apply analytical skills. The data collected is beneficial in analyzing insights for clients’ business apps.
  • They are also skilled in identifying patterns within codes. It helps them resolve technical errors.
  • The problem-solving skills are also helpful whenever any change is required. The change could be from the client’s end or from the team’s end. In both ways, it gets resolved.
  • Since they work with both existing and new codes, they understand what it takes to fix the problem/ error.
  • Apart from this, their problem-solving skills are also fruitful for react native app development companies.
  • The time management skills of developers also matter. Projects are assigned standard time and developers prefer to complete them within time.
  • Adaptability is also one of their skills. Because while working in a team, there are multiple tasks to perform at a time. Thus, while working they solve other queries along with ongoing projects.

Major factors affecting the cost of react native mobile app development

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of react native mobile apps. Let’s have a look at them.

Complexity: It is a basic feature that increases your budget. The more advanced features like API & IoT integration, streaming, etc.

App design: Professional react native app development company aims at creating the best UI/UX. Also,  impacts the budget. As mentioned in the above points, prototypes & wireframes are created. It gives direction to developers & helps in further development process. Yet, it takes time, which is why it increases the budget.

Application Maintenance: Last but not least, in every mobile app development, maintenance is required for its smooth functioning. Certain factors that it involves are; feature updates, fixing bugs & errors, changes in design, etc.

Wrap Up

Now, you have gone through the responsibilities & skills of developers. Although, there are some other factors along with these that affect the overall budget. Such as the size of the company, project size, and so on. Hiring a suitable react native app development company would take a sound amount of your time. That is why, to save you additional time, we would recommend AppSquadz.They have expertise in developing mobile apps. As of now, they have successfully developed more than 850 mobile apps for multiple clients.


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