Why And When Citation in Research Paper Can Be Used

A research paper is a long task in which you use other authors’ points of view relative to your research topic. How could you differentiate your point of view from other sources you used in your paper? Citation in research paper is the only solution to differentiate your thoughts from other authors. The citation refers to creating the reference of the source of information or data you are using in your research work. Through citation, you will tell the readers where you can get the specific data from. Referencing your sources in the research paper also have a positive impact on your research or findings. It shows that you are saying something credible. It’s a skill to only use the sources that improve the credibility of your paper. Do not worry! In this article, you will understand when and why you need to put citations in research paper to ensure 100% accuracy in your work.

When Does The Researcher Need To Use Citation?

Citing your sources shows where you got the specific information that you have used in your research paper. Readers will understand where the source comes from and read the data from other sources to get more information about your research topic. When you cite your ideas with others, the readers will be able to identify that your thoughts are original and unique. Many times in the research paper, you need to cite the sources that you are using. However, you are using the sources in a creative manner, but you need to follow some citation rules to show your sources in your research paper. Let’s discuss in which case you need to cite your sources and how.

1- When You Find An Idea From The Source:

The common information or data is easily accessible without needing to be cited. But when you find new facts and information from the existing source, you need to cite it properly so that the readers will understand where your idea came from. Citation in research paper will sharpen your point of view. Readers want to know in which context you may have influenced your point of view. Use quotation when the idea you generate is unique and cite it with the source. You can also hire a dissertation writing service UK in this regard.

2- When You Repharase Or Summarize Someone Else’s Ideas:

When you paraphrase the content of others to make it yours, you must cite it properly. This way, plagiarism will not occur, and paraphrasing content will seem unique in your research paper. You need to paraphrase content to provide strength to your original idea.

3- When You Find A Conclusion From A Source:

When you find a new solution to your research paper’s questions from other’s data, you need to cite it. Citation in research paper is the only process through which you will show your results are accurate and where you inclusively find them. Sometimes, you need to expand your results to prove they are authentic and valuable. In this process, you need other sources of data or information showing that your results are true and relative to other scholars’ information.

4- When you Introduce New Information That is Not Common:

When you introduce new information or data in your research paper, you need to cite it. In every field, the ordinary audience only knows common information. If you introduce a piece of new information that is not common, the audience might get puzzled about where you got that information. They will not understand how you used the information without reference, which will decrease the reliability of the research. For this purpose, you must give a proper reference with new information.

Remember, you can use two types of citation in your paper. one is an in-text citation, and the other is an end-of-paper citation. In-text citation in research paper means you will cite the ideas you generate from others’ anytime in the paper. You can give in-text citations within the text of the paper. At the same time, end-of-paper citation means that you will write all the citations at the end of the paper and provide all necessary reference details. The in-text citation is easy as compared to the end-of-paper citation. It also increases the readability and credibility of your paper. Without the proper knowledge of your data or information, readers will not look at your research paper.

Why The Use Of Citation In Research Paper: Its Importance And Style:



Citation or providing references is necessary for many reasons. Let’s discuss the importance of the citation in research paper so that you will understand how it provides strength or value to your research paper.

1- Make Your Content Informed In Your Research Through Citation:

When you cite the data or sources within your paper, you will show that the information is informed and accurate.

2- It Allows the Audience/Readers To Locate The Data You Used:

When you cite the data in the right manner in your paper, readers will easily track where you get the data. The readers thus read more and get more knowledge on your research topic. One of the most effective strategies is to show that you cite your sources from scholarly or peer-reviewed articles.

Chances to Publish Your Paper in Journal Platform:

When you cite the sources properly with great scholarly writers, you can directly publish them in journals. In publishing, your paper will be checked out by peer-reviewers who are experts in the field. Citation in research papers provides a positive impression of your writing, and peer-reviewers pass your paper to the journal.


The way we summarize information from academic sources is as important as the information itself. When a student uses citation in research paper, they are essentially reiterating an argument or idea that was put forth by another author; and giving proper credit to that author, which also helps readers identify any shortcomings of that idea or argument. This allows the reader to determine how much credence to give an idea, rather than having the entire work attributed to one author’s ideas.

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