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7 Healthy Meal Plan Series to Follow In Summer

May is all about green vegetables, soothing coconut water, healthy smoothies, and more. All aboard the fun journey! May Meal! May Meal! May Meal! You did it!

Finally, at the end of April, you planned out something really delicious and healthy, just with the right amount to buckle up your day with refreshed mind and energy. What’ say? And when it’s about your healthy meal plan, including an adequate amount of proteins, fiber-enriched sources, minerals, vitamins, and obviously a little number of carbohydrates makes a superb balance in your diet. Now people are becoming more conscious about their health as the world is more into junk foods.

Due to the busy schedule, everyone is too lazy to look after their diet rather they prefer to cheat on meals. But what about the cleanliness around you, have you ever given it a thought? Because a sanitized surrounding is a must-to-have thing when you are preparing your whole month’s meal plan. Or else you can hire a professional sanitization service who can let you focus on your meal, clearing out the cleaning stuff on your own.

May month meal plan 


1 :  Morning Drink: 

After the whole 8 hours of sleep, the next morning when you woke up the body really needed to be geared up with a fresh morning drink. And it could be anything like a turmeric tea, fresh lime chia seed drink, or any kind of hydrating drink. It not only keeps your gut health but also makes you hydrated the whole long day. The best time to have it is 7 AM – 7:30 AM.

2 : Breakfast:

According to the statistics, breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day. If you are skipping breakfast then you are affecting the whole day diet plan. And along with that many disturbed activities start to happen such as severe gastritis, loss of appetite, and many more. So it’s always advisable to eat breakfast on time. And that to a healthy breakfast such oats smoothie, vegetable sandwich with green chutney, besan chilla or jowar chilla with curd, or a bowl full of sprouts.

And you have to finish your breakfast between 8AM – 8: 30 AM. Keeping up this healthy intake of breakfast not only makes you healthy but also gives you an active mind and body. Yes… one more thing, always prefer a clean and sanitized place while you are preparing your breakfast. And if you are running late, then prefer sanitized services near your locality.

3 : Mid-Morning Snack:  

Well… people often overeat their lunch when they do not consume it in between breakfast and lunch, so having a mid-morning snack is the best idea. Consuming a little snack will keep your stomach full and prevent you from overeating lunch. For a mid-morning snack, you can prefer any of the seasonal fruit available in the market. Like one apple, a bowl full of watermelon, guava, pomegranate, one orange, and many more. A great vitamin, folic acid, phosphorus content-rich snack to be added. Prefer to have it between 10 AM – 10: 30 AM.

4 :  Lunch: 

Lunch is also an important meal to keep your afternoon energetic. Neglecting the meal can make you drowsy and weak. For lunch, you can prefer mixed vegetables, varieties of dal recipes with roti (wheat flour) or brown rice, protein-enriched soya chunks, or any kind of protein-rich sources. And always finish it between 1 PM – 1: 30 PM. However, always take a bowl full of salad with the meal. It not only increases your strength but also gives you a glowing look.

5 : Evening Snack:  

Be it a working professional or a house maker, everyone needs an evening snack. Because it’s preferred not to overeat the dinner. A little evening snack keeps you full till you have your dinner. If you are a tea lover, then you can have it as your evening snack and add to that consume a handful of roasted chana or makhana(without oil).  Do not add sugar to the tea, but if your craving for sweets is uncontrollable then you can add honey or jaggery too. It’s healthy and good to consume. But make sure to finish your evening snack between 4PM – 4:30 PM. It’s the best time to balance the gap between your lunch and dinner.  

6 :  Dinner: 

People often skip their dinner due to tiredness or they eat something from outside which is totally unacceptable. Because this is the last meal of your day that’s going to give your energy and help you pass your night without making you feel low energy, so do not even think of skipping it. Always have something light in dinner like varieties of soups – tomato, spinach, pumpkin, clear vegetable soup, and many more. But if you are not a soup lover, then you can try a variety of salads – chicken salad, paneer tikka, egg bhurji with different vegetables added to it. Or else sorted veggies can also be added to your dinner meal list but with proper cleanliness. But if you do not have that much time, hire Cleaning services for a balanced lifestyle. The most important thing, complete your dinner by 7 PM -7:30 PM to maintain a balanced digestion level.

7 Night Drink: 

Last but not least, the end of your meal plan series – It’s a night drink that helps your gut for great digestion. For a night drink, you can take lukewarm rosewater water, ginger water, powdered flax seed in lukewarm water, and many more. Make sure to finish it between 9 PM – 9:30 PM.

Moreover, the weekend might distract you while maintaining the meal plan series. But remember that you have to maintain consistency with all cleanliness around.

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