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Best e liquid UK Flavors to try in 2022

Best e liquid UK Vape juices are composed of PG, VG, Nic Salts and Flavours. These flavours have a wide variety, and it might be confusing to choose the best one. But in fact, there isn’t any particular flavour that is everyone’s favourite.

Different people have different preferences. A flavour that is popular among some people might not be appreciated by others. People who like Strawberry flavour might not like mint flavour. So, it all comes down to the unique likes and dislikes of each person.

Disposable vapes produce vapours by heating the e-liquid. You can enjoy the flavour of vape juices by inhaling these vapours. The flavour diversity available in Singtaure vape liquid and Dinner lady e liquid make the vaping experience fun and exciting.

Here are some popular e-juice flavours to try in 2022:

If you are struggling to pick one from a myriad of flavours, this blog is here to help you out. Hopefully, it will make it easy to decide after going through this blog.

  • Strawberry Flavour

The most widely popular flavour is no doubt Strawberry flavour. Its popularity is because it gives a similar taste to eating real strawberries. Strawberry is most people’s favourite fruit.

Another reason for its vast acceptance is because it gives the perfect blend of sweet and sour tastes. The combination of sweetness and tartness gives a pleasant taste to the taste buds. This is the reason why Strawberry is the go-to flavour for most people.

You can try this flavour as long as you don’t hate strawberries. Who knows, you might end up loving it!

  • Tobacco Flavour

This flavour is not only popular among those who switched from smoking but also among people who simply like tobacco smell and taste. Most people love the smell of tobacco. This flavour is created for those tobacco lovers.

People like the sweet, sour, bitter and salty taste of tobacco. Tobacco gives all these different flavours in one puff. That is why people prefer it. It is trendy among those who switch from conventional cigarettes to disposable vapes.

  • Menthol Flavour

Just like how people love mint bubblegums, many people love this flavour. Menthol gives a cold refreshing flavour. It has a minty taste and aroma. Vaping menthol flavour keeps you energised with a cool, freshening taste throughout the day.

You do not get bad breath either by using this flavour. Instead, this fantastic flavour gives you mint’s sweet and spicy flavour with an icy touch. It is an exciting flavour to explore.

  • Cotton Candy Flavour

We grow up eating different candies, and cotton candy are one of our favourites. Some people love candies even when they grow up. This flavour is to satisfy those people who have a sweet tooth.

Cotton Candy flavour gives a sweet, jammy, fruity and berry-like taste. It is super pleasing to the taste buds, and you get to enjoy it without eating cotton candy. In this way, you do not actually eat a lot of sweet candies but get to enjoy their flavour.

Using disposable vapes to enjoy this flavour will prevent you from getting obese or being prone to other diseases caused by eating a lot of sugary stuff. Vaping with cotton candy flavour is a perfect opportunity for people who have a sweet tooth.

  • Custard Flavour

A lot of people love desserts. Now there are dessert-like vape flavours available too. Custard flavour tastes like vanilla and can be perfectly paired with other flavours like Strawberry and Peaches. It has a sweet, creamy taste.

There are other flavours that are in the dessert category, but custard flavour is the most popular. You can enjoy vaping after a meal just like you used to eat desserts. Eating too many sweet things might cause diseases.

But disposable vapes provide the best aftertaste of desserts like custard. You can enjoy them like you are eating the real thing.

There is a wide variety of flavours available at best e liquid UK, and each one is more amazing than the other. It is surely challenging to pick one from all sorts of flavours. But your personal preferences play an important role here.

You can buy your favourite flavours to enjoy each ouff of your vape. Trying new things feels thrilling, so you can also try some new ones and who knows, that new flavour that you try might become your favourite for the time being. The variety of flavours never lets the vaping experience get boring or mundane. You can switch from one vape juice to another when you become bore of using the same old flavour.

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